faux vuitton and terrorism?

  1. hi there
    sorry, i am not all too swift on the link between faux vuitton and terrorism. i was chatting with my bf and kinda justifying my purchases, and wondered aloud what the link was between faux and terrorism. he just laughed at me and said i don't need to justify my items, but now i am curious. what is the link? can someone please enlighten me? thanks so much! any info greatly appreciated.
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    i believe that...fake louis vuitton is fake louis vuitton...

    people who want to make fake louis vuitton make it because they know there are a lot of people out there who want the design...the bag...but do not want to pay the $$$...etc...and
    i don't believe that...fake louis vuitton are made by people in..."the little shops" by "little poor children" etc...
    and i believe that...there is no line connecting...with counterfeit louis vuitton and terrorism:sweatdrop:!?!? lol

    and if you love what you see...buy it! if you love louis vuitton...why not buy it?:tup:

    unless you're uncomfortable...like some people who think...it's bad to buy leather products because...it's from animals...killing animals for the leather...etc...

    :tup:what were you thinking of buying? the Speedy?:push:
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  4. no matter what u buy... everything funds terrorism if u think about it, but some items fund more than others,
    u purchase a wallet, legit or faux, ur spending money in it, the money u spend on it, goes to the people through tax... even if u dont spend ur money still, ur paying taxes... through taxes are military and aid budgets... example money sent to another country for aid... and then they spend it on military... then the terrorist steal some of military equipment... another example, ur country spends it on military, then they go out to fight terrorist, but lets say the terrorist win n take there equipment, or even worse terrorist purchase military weapons, though this is not a major contributing thing... everything in life in linked, thats what i think... so it doesn't directly link to terrorism,
  5. i have not read anything that say counterfeit goods support terrorism. so, i dont believe so.
  6. fakes just might be supporting terrorism... Just think... we don't know who made the fake... and we don't know how they made them... or from what materials...

    the thing is... we just don't know...

    thats another good reason not to buy fakes... they are shady... and lots of legit jobs are lost because of counterfeiting...

    there is a good video on youtube showing how fakes are made and shipped into the U.S....

    but yeah... i think its a good chance that a portion of money spent on fakes gets back to the "wrong" hands
  7. In the latest issue of Harpers Bazaar there is a three page article about the counterfeit business. It's quite lucrative and hurts everybody. Not only are handbags, watches, DVDs, etc. counterfeited and sold at ridiculous prices, but also food, drugs, toys, and other everyday items you or your family may unknowingly use. It's a good read and very scary.
    I believe the article has been mentioned on tPF before. BTW it was the page after the editorial piece on the Richard Prince watercolor $3600 Speedy.
  8. ^yes, not many people know just how many items are faked! My friend bought smokes from a small corner store by her house one time and they were fake! She said that they tasted "funky" and then when she checked the package the printing was off and there is some weird shadowing in certain areas!

    BTW Everyone here has made some really good comments!:tup:
  9. I'm sure there may be terrorist groups funding some of this production and reaping the profits. But even if you can't find a direct link between the production of fakes and terrorism. There is definitely a direct link between fakes and forced child labor. Children as young as 5 are locked in these factories making these goods. That's enough for me to hate fakes.
  10. hahah ur so cute! :p yes, i love me some vuitton, i like the real thing, not fakes. i just don't feel right carrying a faux. there would be no point for me.

    any everyone else, thanks for ur input! i read on here sometimes how others do not like fakes because it supports terrorism, and i was like 'wha? how?' and genuinely curious. i am not too knowledgeable in that area. so thanks again for all your time!
  11. I'm sure putting Fuel in your car is more likely to support terrorism.... and we all do that. ( Well i do anyway )
  12. I highly doubt that those children "locked in" have enough skill to even know what they are doing. I think the entire child labor thing was created by designers to scare the public. Even if there were truth to that, even non-fake items are going to be made by these laborers (child or not) and everyone uses them everyday. Does that still make it right?

    In response to the OP, many say it's usually drugs that fund terrorism. I've heard/read that the faux business is usually family run which in turn, get the "replicating" information from friends who work in the actual brand's factories that outsources production to that country.
  13. yeah i dnt beleive bin laden is in a hole some where making fake louis bags
  14. well... the lv family use to fund the nazi's (hitler) movement directly