Faux lashes, anyone?

  1. I was so freaked out at first, but my friend convinced me to try a pair. I bought them at Mac, they are the partial lashes, not the entire full lash. They were actually much easier to put on than I expected and they made a HUGE difference! I actually wore less eye makeup than usual at night. I felt very exotic, and they were not obvious looking. My boyfriend had to look really hard when I told him (I had a few glasses of wine and let it slip that they were fake, haha). So now I am sold!

    Anyone else use them, or thoughts?
  2. Here are the ones I have: #20 half lash from MAC.
  3. HOW do you put them on?
  4. I've never tried them myself, but just a few days ago this girl at work was wearing ones and I wouldn't have been able to tell if she hadn't told me!! I mean, I did notice that her lashes were looking GORGEOUS and that's when she spilled. I'd love to try but I tend to rub my eyes a lot and I hear that can un-glue them.

    They look fabulous when well-applied!
  5. I used this glue that I also bought at MAC. The makeup artist showed me how to put them on, as well. Don't worry, the glue is not a really strong one- to remove the lashes, you just gently pull them, and they come right off! The lashes did stay on the whole night through dancing, though. Thank goodness lol. :sweatdrop:

    Before applying lashes, you need to do all of your makeup first. That includes liner, shadow, and mascara. You do not want to have to apply anything once the lashes are on.

    To put them on, first I put a little glue on a clean surface. The SA gave me a few disposable masacara wands. I used just a tiny bit of glue and dabbed it onto the end (NOT the brush side) of the wand, just used as an applying tool.

    put a very thin line of glue (dries clear) along the bottom of the faux lashes using this tool. Do not put glue on your eyelid.

    I waited a few moments for the glue to dry a little bit and become sticky, and then carefully placed it along the outer corner of my lashline, as close to my eyelashes as possible without putting it on my actual eyelashes.

    I then used a second mascara wand (still the end side, not the brush) to very gently apply pressure along the faux lashes to push them onto my eyelids to make sure they stuck on. This is not as complicated a process as it sounds! I made sure they appeared straight enough so I didn't have to do it over again. I actually did a good job putting them on my first time! So it is not as hard as it may seem.

    Disclaimer: This is only the way I did it that worked for me. I'm not a professional and this is only information I am passing along to demonstrate what I did! Definitely ask a makeup artist the best way to put them on, but this is what mine told me. Good luck! :biggrin:
  6. ^^^Ditto! I'm asian and therefor have NO eyelashes. But when I go out in the evening I slap on some and I'm ready to go! They make my eyes a lot larger and definitely makes you feel more exotic.

    I use MAC and the glue mentioned above. With practice you can put them on so the seam line is not noticeable at all. And even if they are - everyone wears falsies when they go out so no one is looking to identify fakes, kwim? :cutesy:
  7. I wore lashes today and loved the effect!! it def gets super easy with practice...my sister has started wearing hers everyday!
  8. Can you wear them more than once or do you have to put new ones on every day?
  9. i know mine you can wear more than once and I bought the regular CVS ones
  10. I live in MAC #7's I get 5-6 wearings from a pair. I have evry shape and size, but MAC 7's are my favorite.
  11. Are they expensive? This is an interesting concept that i may just have to try.
  12. Can you apply mascara to the falsies - to blend in with the rest of your real lashes?
  13. Yes, absolutely I do with MAC #7's. I curl my own lashes first, apply the falsies, curl both together, and then apply masquera.

    I have other fuller lashes that are are dramatic that do not need masquera, like Shu Uemura Luxe lashes, but I save these for special occasions.
  14. They are not extremely cheap, but I would say it is a fair price because you get several wears out of them, at least the MAC ones that I have. They were $11 and the glue was $7, but the glue lasts a really long time. The lashes in the drugstore I believe are a bit cheaper.

    When they start looking less than wonderful, you can kind of tell that it's time to get a new pair. I also just cleaned mine a little bit with a Q-tip with some rubbing alcohol before reusing it. Not sure if that is okay, but I don't see why not.

    I didn't want to put mascara on mine because I was thinking I wouldn't get extended wear out of them if I wanted to use them again, but still unsure about that.
  15. Thanks so much for your reply. That's a quite reasonable price IMO! I'm going to the mall this afternoon. Will definately check out the lashes.