Faux eBay emails - BEWARE

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  1. Beginning yesterday morning I have been receiving bogus messages presumably from eBay. The messages appear to have viruses attached that my computer has been successfully identifying and removing. However the emails themselves ask me to confirm my account by clicking through a link.

    If you receive these emails DO NOT OPEN LINKS, and DELETE them immediately.

    You'll know they are bogus because they are addressed to " eBay member" rather than your eBay ID or name as eBay normally does. Never open up links to eBay from emails. Go directly to eBay and logon to view your messages.
  2. Wow. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for letting us know!
  4. I have gotten one of these and fake paypal emails. Those are really scary because one of them if you click on the link it can give you a virus and the other one wanted you to give them personal info.
  5. When we see those e-mails many of say uh oh and go to the link.

    Take a deep breath now and delete . Thanks for the info
  6. I received a few of these (paypal) a month or so ago. I forwarded these on to Paypal without opening them, then deleted them.
  7. Just forward to spoof@paypal.. then delete
  8. thanks for the info!

  9. OMG - I had one of these emails titled

    Re: Question about shipping for item #330334757551‏ from an email address jmt@JMTCPA.COM

    I am responding to the email for your auction which was posted on e-Bay.
    I believe i emailed you a week ago regarding this sale, and my interest in it.
    Please confirm that it is the same auction with the one posted on e-Bay link:
    I am very interested in this auction and ready to complete the deal as soon as possible.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Megan Terry

    I actually clicked on the link (stupidly) but my computer detects viruses and said my computer had blocked it, luckily. It told me it's a fake site or something.

    Be very aware peeps
  10. Yes, once you report those fake e-mails to ebay and paypal, they respond rather

    quickly. I don't even go to the link anymore because I know they are just "phishing"

    and just forward & then delete.
  11. thanks for the heads up!
  12. Thanks for alerting us, Mon! Didn't know those dreadful emails were doing the rounds again and it is so easy to lose your guard.
  13. I keep getting them, at least 10 daily, they have viruses attached - I just delete them.