faulty item

  1. ladies, i bought an item from eBay in may which has proved to be faulty, i emailed the seller but had no answer so opened a dispute with paypal. i've left 2 messages again for the seller but still had no reply, how long should i wait before escalating to a claim?
  2. how long ago did you email her , she might be away? has she got anything else listed ? not sure that i agree with your "sunny devon" !!!!
  3. I would wait for about 2 weeks (but no longer than the 40 or 45 days you have for escalating it), or maybe less if she shows to sell fake ones more often (look at her feedback listings). Paypal has a policy of how long you have to wait before escalating it, read about it in the policy. I would say, make it a claim as soon as possible, you can always cancel it when things turn out good. So better safe than sorry.. good luck.
  4. I had a friend with a similar situation. Never had any response to emails or the dispute but as soon as it was escalated to a claim, the seller responded the same day disputing it. If you bought in May, and you first contacted them in May, I would say you probably can go ahead and escalate to a claim, since they have had plenty of time to respond.
  5. no, i must change the sunny devon thing, how about "sunny one minute, piddling down with rain the next devon"?

    the item isn't high priced , i used it twice over a few weeks before it stopped working. i only opened the dispute on 30th june so its early days yet, you have 20 days to escalate before paypal automatically close it, i'm an impatient person and like to get things sorted asap ! the seller only has 11 feedback so may not be in the know with disputes/claims etc