Faulty Chanel sunglasses?!

  1. :confused1:

    I bought the tortoiseshell and mother of pearl Chanel sunnies in Paris at Easter and since I have had them the bit at the side has come away from the actual bit that goes over the face if that makes sense? Basically where the legs bend, when they are opened up to put on there is a gap between the plastic on either side and this has got worse since I have had them even though I have a slim face.

    I was in the glasses shop where my mum bought her Chanels and showed them to the lady and asked if she could do anything and she said if she did it would be at my risk but she thought I should send them back.

    She gave me the address for the manufacturer in London, Luxotica and said they will exchange them for me. Thing is I don't have the receipt and she said it didn't matter they would definitely do it, she also said they would have the mother of pearl ones.

    Does anyone know if they will do this?