Fault with eight-week old wallet - I'm not having a good week!

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  1. This is just not my week!

    While I await news of a refund from the eBay seller who sold me my stale smokey Musette with cracked canvas and dodgy stitching, today I have had my second LV-related disappointment of the last few days.

    I was taking out my Brazza wallet - which I bought on LouisVuitton.com and received on Aug. 4th, so exactly eight weeks ago today - to pay for coffee this afternoon and I noticed that at the top of the wallet, the sealing had split open. :sad: I think the cashier must have thought I was mad, because I believe I actually let out an audible gasp and then turned to look in despair at my friend, while I was supposed to be giving the girl money.

    Anyway, I am so upset about this - I have completely babied the wallet, never thrown it around in the short time that I've had it, and have never even allowed anyone else to touch it! It is not overstuffed (at least I don't think so) either. How could this have happened?

    I found it quite difficult to take good, clear pictures, even with my camera's macro setting but here are the best I could manage, to show you what I mean. When I noticed it, the split was open, but I keep looking at it and it actually sits closed most of the time.. I've taken pics both of it open and closed. It's actually quite a large split, I think, and I am now worried that it will worsen over time.

    I've never exactly been sure what people mean when they say they've had things 'reglazed' - is this the sort of thing that this fixes? I want to take it to the nearest LV store as soon as possible because I've barely had the wallet for two months and I have been using it maybe only for seven weeks. I'm really disappointed.

    Ordinarily I'd insist that I was given a new one, but I've had it hot stamped! Here are some pictures:




    Help! :sad:
  2. I'm going to include pictures of what is inside my wallet, just to show what I carry around. I don't think this is overstuffed. I use all the card slots, and carry notes in the slip pockets on the right, and in the pockets on the left at either side of the coin pocket I have just a few paper cards (loyalty cards) - maybe three or four, and some receipts in the other one. Nothing heavy, and I rarely have a lot of coins. In the first pic below it sort of looks like the coin pouch is stuffed but it's not - there are seven coins in my wallet right now, and I rarely have much more than that.



  3. ugh! that is awful. glaze might fix that. it's possible that it is coming apart because the edge glaze peeled off. that's how it kinda looks to me. it does look overstuffed in the first pic of post 2, but i believe you that it isn't (i probably wouldn't show them that pic). i'll cross my fingers that they just take care of it. it's so frustrating when something like that happens. :sad: let us know how it works out.
  4. I have a brazza too and have the same amount of things that you have in yours for the past 1 year, and I have never had any problems. I don't think you're overstuffing at all since the Brazza is able to handle these without feeling bulky. It's sad that this happened but I'm sure they will get it fixed for you. Good luck!
  5. I agree that the wallet does look a bit overstuffed in pic #2.

    I would take it to your local boutique ASAP, because the problem is only going to get worse. You do not want the stitching to become undone as well. This may end up happening sooner than later. I am sure that LV will repair the wallet for you.

    Best of luck to you! Keep us informed!
  6. Not acceptable. This is more serious than simple reglazing, the craftspeople have to glue the canvas and the lining together again and then re-apply the sealant.
  7. I agree with LB that the wallet did look overstuffed in the first photo, doesn't look like stitching came out, so it was probably glazing/glue issues. Bring it back, see what they say about it...remember don't go in angry, SAs tend to get more "prissy and indignant" the angrier the customer seems (as seen from previous returns/exchanges here etc), be firm but polite, tends to work better for me :smile:
  8. Yes, I agree it looks quite full in the first pic of my second post. I don't know why but it always looks quite bulging on that side, I think because of the way the coin pocket sits, even when the wallet is completely empty!

    If I hadn't had this personalised, would they give me a new one?

    I know that because it's been hot stamped, they'll probably just tell me it'll have to be sent off for repair, but really it's basically a new wallet that must have been faulty. I'd feel less upset about this if I'd had it for a year or two.

    I haven't even used it every day! A few days a week I would use one of my clés. Very disappointing.

    I'll try to make it through to the boutique on Friday, though my nearest one - and the only one in the country - is 50 miles away. Should I call ahead or will they just take it from me when I show up?
  9. overstuffed or not....when you pay this kind of money for a wallet this should not happen. I pretty much carry my kitchen sink in my wallet. and, its as good as new. i'm sure LV will take care of it for you. Sorry this happened to you. I hope this doesn't detour you from buying LV in the future. good luck
  10. When I returned my shoes, I got in contact with LV and they sent UPS at their expense to pick-up the faulty pair. Call the s.a. who helped you with your purchase and explain your situation to them.
  11. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that first pic - the only reason I did is that I had already transferred all the pictures and disconnected my camera before I realised how it looked, and I couldn't be bothered taking another one.

    I assure you it's not overstuffed. Here's a list of exactly what's inside that half of the wallet. The contents of this have not changed for the last few weeks, give or take one or two receipts every couple of days:

    - five paper cards (loyalty cards, an alumni membership for uni and a business card)
    - eight pieces of paper, all receipt sized
    - one paper coupon.

    These are all thin and lightweight items. I would hope they wouldn't suggest I had mistreated the wallet. I know the picture is deceiving but really, if this - along with the other contents of the wallet - was to be considered too much to hold in the wallet, I should be asking for a refund, not a repair/replacement!
  12. If you know an SA there personally, give him/her a call to let him/her know you're gonna be visiting and why.

    I know it isn't overstuffed, it just looks that way, don't show that to the SA and don't let them tell you that you overstuffed it, cardslots are meant to be used IMHO =.=
  13. Wentworth-Roth, I will be at uni on Friday and am due to finish early, so provided I do have time, I could travel from there to the boutique and it will only be a 20-25 mile drive.

    I suppose I could use this as an opportunity to see if they have any of the SLGs I want to buy next. :graucho:

    Amaris, I've been in the boutique but I have never bought anything from it, so I don't know any of the SAs, unfortunately.

    Would I still be best advised to call before I go, or just drop in?
  14. They shouldn't have any issue dealing with this whatsoever. I had an 8 month old wallet just rip, took it back and they gave me a new one with no problems - they did send it away and did ring me a few weeks later to apologise and to say it had not been stitched properly which I thought was a nice touch.

    I'd stop using it and take it back to your store ASAP. Let us know how it turns out.
  15. Vernis-lover, thanks for your post. You received good service, then. To be honest, I think if a customer has a brand new wallet for two months and hasn't used it even for that full length of time, a new one should be given to the customer... but I doubt they'll offer me a replacement because I've had it hot stamped.

    They will not know who I am, as I don't shop there, so I feel a little bit apprehensive about taking it there (I'm not really sure why..) but it would be easier than trying to arrange a day for FedEx to come and pick it up (I am at uni five days a week and work Saturdays) - but they will be able to see from my purchase history that I've bought quite a few things from the online store this year, won't they?