Father's Day

  1. My Dad needed a new wallet, thus, for Father's Day I bought him this. I ordered it from the website, so I hope it gets here in time. I figured it was time to introduce him to my obsession. :yes:

    Did anybody else buy their fathers or husbands (father of their children!) something Coach for Dad's Day?

    And Happy Belated Mother's Day, ladies!
  2. That's a great wallet and I am sure your Dad will love it! I am planning on getting my DH one this year. I am sure you will have it before June even arrives!
  3. I bough DH one last year but he made me return it and ( i got the credit toward a bag he he) Men are veeeery picky about their wallets !
  4. I just bought my SO a Coach money clip; he doesn't carry a wallet. The water buffalo calfskin is so nice! I love the way it smells. He was making fun of me for sniffing it. I'll admit it. I'm a bag/wallet sniffer.

    I'm getting my dad a Coach wallet for father's day. My mom and I are getting it for him, from both of us.
  5. I want to, but DH doesn't seem interested in any of Coach's stuff for men. He seems to enjoy picking out handbags and accessories for me more than himself! (I think he likes all the pretty shiny colors). :roflmfao:
  6. Thats great! I should get my boyfriend one; too. :smile: I would get my dad one but he tends to carry too much stuff and it wouldn't all fit in the pretty coach wallets. :sad:
  7. I was going to get my dad the compact ID wallet, but he is very particular and has always bought eel skin wallets, so I'm not sure he will like the water buffalo leather. Also I was looking at the mens wallets at the outlet and they feel too plasticy to me.
  8. Nice wallet. I was thinking of getting my bf one this year... but I think he may have to pick it out himself.. picky picky ..lol :smile:
  9. Haha I have no idea what I'm getting Daddy for Father's Day. I'd love to get him a new wallet but I think he'd get upset with me if I bought him designer anything haha. He just loves his tropical button down shirts and video games!

    Augh I really wanna get my fiance a Coach wallet tho.
  10. Great wallet. I wanted to get my SO one for father's day but I just don't think he'd have the same kind of appreciation for a Coach, KWIM? I might mention it to him and see what he says but I'm sure he's rather have something sports related.
  11. My dad loves turtles, so I was thinking about getting him the Tortoise keyfob for Father's Day...
  12. So many picky guys...! My dad's one of those dads who loves anything so long as it comes from my mom, my sister or myself. I just thought it was too good to be true when he said he needed a new wallet, I was like "YES! An opportunity to make a family member wear Coach!"
  13. My hubby said, "NO COACH!" :crybaby:

    I am going to get him a diaper dude though! :cutesy:
  14. I would get one for my dad,but he's not into Coach v.v
  15. My DH has a wallet & a few belts, all purchased from outlets.