FATHERS DAY - What are you buying for him?

  1. I'll start...

    I'm buying my husband a treadmill and my dad cologne and some s/s button down shirts.

    We were in Lowe's and my husband was :drool: over a deep fryer. He said Wow this thing is cool I always wanted one. So I asked him if he wanted that for fathers day & he said :yes:. I said you rather have that then a treadmill :confused1: and he said :yes:. Then I said you want me to buy you something thats going to make you gain weight rather than lose weight. Then he saw my point but I thought it was funny. Just so you know hes been on a diet for about 2 months and wants a treadmill.
  2. At a total loss, will be checking this thread on the hour :roflmfao:
  3. We recently got back from a family vacation and so my brothers & I are printing all our pictures and compiling an album... My dad is too hard to shop for, and every time we think we have an awesome idea, it gets returned. We know that he'll really appreciate the pictures, we did the same thing for his birthday for pictures from our trip last summer.
  4. He wanted a $7.95 stopwatch from Walmart.
  5. I need a lot of help in this area too!

    My hubby loves golf and has been on TPF for advice on what to buy me, he's very generous so I want to get something GOOD! If anyone can help me I would totally appreciate it!!!
  6. Golf balls and green fees, a bike (he has really been hinting for one), still trying to think of a couple of more things.
  7. For golf balls titliest are the best, ProV 1's are my DHs favorite. Why not pay for some green fees (gift certificate)? That is what I am doing. Or consider gift certificate for lessons, if he needs them. A putter (about 150 ish) or a driver (200-400) is another option, check with his golf buddies. If he is a serious golfer consider a membership to USGA, so he can 'post' his scores and get an offical handicap for tournaments.
  8. We're both avid golfers but since I've been pregnant haven't been able to go so he still has the GC for green fees from our anniversary and his bday. Got him irons three xmases ago and a new driver two xmases ago, putter 4 bdays ago. I think I've exhausted the golf option...even got him an interactive golf game for his PS2.

    He's so impossible to shop for.

    THanks for the suggestions though!
  9. i got my daddy a new dress.......lol j/k its an ALB because hes a deacon but i joke that he looks like hes wearing a dress.
  10. im getting my dad the Barry Manilow ultimate collection...(yes, i know...he's old!) lol...

    i still dont know what to get DH though...
  11. Predictably, my mom said that my dad needs new summer pajamas ... the kind with short sleeves and short pants. We laugh and call them his old man pajamas ...

    Believe it or not, he also wanted some hand soap from Bath & Body Works. Some orange scent. He used it at my sister's house and now he wants it too. So I got him two large size bottles of those as well.

    Otherwise, I'm usually at a total loss for gifts for him.
  12. My wallet cannot afford DH's taste... :sad: I know he'd really like to get another bass guitar. But I have no mooola for it. He's getting two polo shirts...poor hubster
  13. If only I knew. Probably a metal bucket. Or some ax parts. My folks are sorta...farm-ish. Granted, buying ax parts is fun (especially when I dress up really cute--the hardware store guys are soooo confused that I could possibly want what I'm asking for), but I would like to find him something nicer. I may resort to drawing some stick figures and framing it. It worked when I was 7 and it works now.
  14. some tools he wanted badly and he never buys because he spends that money in his 2 princesses (my sister and me... my mom and my other sister dont count cuz they are really low maintance)

    so mom went with him to pick the ones he needed and we all paid for them