Father's Day wallet curse :(

  1. So, I ordered a wallet during PCE for my dad and they said it would be here in plenty of time. Welllll, they sent the wrong color. So, I took it back, they had to order a new one and I asked that they ship it directly to my dad.

    They did. He loves it.

    However........ first day using it, he sets it on the counter, along with a frozen soda :push: Needless to say, one whole side is now soda stained :sad: Argh.

    He's never had a really nice wallet and I can't help but feel so bad, and for some reason, guilty!! I can't stop thinking about this!
  2. That is soo horrible! :wtf: Have you tried the leather cleaner? IDK if it would work, but it's worth a try! :yes:
  3. Thanks Ashley - he doesn't have any and they live 3 hours from a Coach store. I'll have to check out the damage when I go to visit them.... and take my cleaner with me!
  4. ^^Definately! Hopefully the cleaner will work!^^

    So sorry to hear this, kidlearner! Do you think the CS Dept. at Coach.com/888# would have any suggestions?
  5. I didn't think about calling the 888# - I just figured since it's leather, it's done. I told my dad, he may as well soak it in soda, then the whole thing would be the same color at least!
  6. Aw, Ang! LOL!:lol:
    That was a great gift for your pops!:tup:You always put a lot of thought into everything that you do!:yes:

    I guess the stain just adds character, right?:p
  7. Awww, thanks handbglvr :shame:
    He's still using it, so he must not care that much! :p
  8. the more he uses it, the softer and more even colored it will get, even with the stain

    it just adds character! :yes: