Father's Day....HELP!!!

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  1. Helloooo....I am in desperate need of suggestions for a passport holder for my DH. I bought him the one he requested, and he doesn't like it:cry: ....so now Father's Day is 2 days away, and I am giftless!! (My lovely hubby got me a Judith Leiber bag for Mother's Day, so I am feeling some pressure, to get him something that he :heart: 's)

    Long Passport Holder
    Brown Leather...the more rustic the better
    High-quality (price is no object, within limits)
    No visible logos

    Any suggestions....could be online or something from a major boutique (LV, Gucci, Prada, etc....)

    Thanks in advance:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Is he looking for a passport cover or a travel wallet that holds a passport? Non-logoed items include Levenger's offerings, but LV has some nice passport covers in the Taiga, Nomade and Utah lines.
  3. He wants something that holds....passport, tickets, and a bunch of cards...I was just looking at the LV website...I think I will go to the store later! He is so particular :sad:...
  4. Sounds like my dad ! :amuse:
  5. Have you looked at Smythson of Bond? Ghurka?

    My husband is frequent traveler and ultimately went with a leather travel wallet from Brookstone b/c it was the only one he could find with a zipper. (All the "luxury" lines seemed to use snaps or worse, nothing, to hold the wallet closed.) It holds his passport, tickets, all his cards (car rental companies, airlines, CCs, business cards), has multiple pockets for different currencies and a pen holder. He's had it for 7 years now and it looks the same as the first day he got it.

    (Just something to consider. I don't know if your husband is more concerned about aesthetics or if function is more of a priority.)
  6. My dad does not like flashy logos either. He has 2 passport holders that he loves (one is larger than the other) and that are very masculine. One is by Lanvin and the other is by Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc has beautiful things for men; so classical and elegant.
  7. I would say Lanvin too possibly, so classy and understated.
  8. Thanks ladies...after an extensive search....I FOUND IT!!! Jill Sander....and it is perfect...I had given up hope, and was buying him a shirt...and there it was!!! Thanks for all of your suggestions!