Father's Day gift suggestions

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  1. Went round the Etsy forums and found some Father's Day gift suggestions which might hopefully be of use to some of you.

    If the recipient ...

    is a golfer:

    artexchange - golfer/golf swing handmade metal sculpture/penholder and business cardholder



    likes fishing:

    PiscesCeramics - ceramic art brown trout



    is a couch potato:

    craftheart - couch potato



    works in an office and has a sense of humour:

    mixedspecies - Zombie heads on fire tie



    likes American football:

    CountryCanvas touchdown football coaster set



    works in an office or is a teacher:

    QueenVannaCreations - perpetual wooden block calendar



    likes cool stuff:

    Vidrio - Zen union plate



    TimothyAdamDesigns - moon and star clock


  2. Awesome! Thanks for the tips, it gave me a few ideas for my dad! My dad is a real estate agent and an investor so he spends a lot of time travelling in his car. Even though he has a luxury car, I think i'll get him a car accessory. That could brighten his day while he's going from one end to another:P ... I just gotta think of what he may like/need.
  3. Oh I really like that!! Thanks! I'm going to look around Etsy! Thanks
  4. Do you have any suggestions for grumpy, retired man that likes to boss others around??? lol, seriously, I mean it in a good way. My dad is just quite anal retentive and can drive my mother nuts sometimes. He thinks golf is for ritzy people. I know, don't ask me!? He likes being bossy, in control, and oh yes he does fish and go pheasant hunting. Any ideas for that??? lol.
  5. Passerby, you always find the most unique gifts / items! I love reading your posts.
  6. Wow! They'er all great. Thanks for posting!
  7. graceful and ros, thanks - Etsy rocks! If I weren't in a hurry to get to work, I'll post more suggestions :smile:
  8. Most Dads just want to spend time with their beloved daughters. They worked long hours to be certain there was enough money for piano lessons, soccer uniforms, college tuition, wedding expenses - - you get the point.

    Most Dads would rather have spent time pushing you to get a great stroke, encouraging you during recitals, helping you study for SATs, LSATs, etc.

    But your Dad worked himself to the bone to subsidize what it took to create these opportunities for you.

    Most Dads would LOVE some "just you and me" time. *Ask him over to your place and serve him a home-cooked meal.
    *Set a date for a picnic and bring goodies.
    *If he likes baseball/bowling/pool/polo then set up a practice session / game for the both of you even if you are horrible at the sport. Let him win if you are better.

    Whatever shared event you choose, give him an "I love you because...." card.

    Then watch his face crumble.
  9. Sounds like the best Father's Day gift! Heck, even Mother's Day gift!
  10. ProfNot, great post. The best gift you can give your dad, for sure. If my dad were alive, he'd have enjoyed more time with me (am afraid I was on the computer way too much and shamefully neglected him before his death).

    More gift suggestions:

    vandicklier - Yamir the Robot
    (with compartments to put stuff in)



    GeekGear - computer cat wall clock



    GeekGear - computer memories wooden photo frame



    wildwood - the prospector entry tray



    AllenKaperakDesigns - mosaic tray



    canadianwoodcrafts - walnut coffee scoop (handcarved)



    ParadiseHillDesigns - rustic business card bench



    MosaicSmith - business card holder mosaic


  11. wow, what great gift ideas!!! thanks for including my perpetual calendar. i think they'd be great for a dad, and i can do cuztom orders with a pretty quick turnaround!! yay for etsy! =)
  12. queenvanna, your perpetual calendar is something I'd have bought for my sis had she not retired from teaching several years ago :smile:.

    LuvLVRN25, MindysEmbroidery does beautiful embroidery work and takes custom orders. How about this?

    Personalized embroidered towel set



    Instead of a bird, perhaps she could embroider a fish like the one shown here, and add the word "Dad" or your dad's Christian name?



    For the dad who loves dogs and reading, here's an example of what MindysEmbroidery did as a custom order:

    The dog ate it bookmark: