Father dies three weeks after 2 sons

  1. Three weeks after sons' death, Superior businessman succumbs

    *Such a sad holiday season already. Sounds like he was such a good dad. This may sound corny, but I do believe people can die from a broken heart:sad:**

    SUPERIOR, WIS. - A businessman whose two sons were killed in an industrial accident in Superior three weeks ago has died at the age of 71.

    Joseph Kimmes, 71, died Friday at St. Mary's Medical Center in Duluth, according to Downs-LeSage Funeral Home, which was handling funeral arrangements.
    "It breaks my heart that he's gone. It's a great loss for everyone, but especially for Superior," said Duluth Mayor Herb Bergson, a former mayor of Superior.

    Bergson said Kimmes spent his life building up his various companies and other holdings for his children, so the loss of sons Joe III and Scott was a major blow for him."I never saw him like I saw him at the funeral," said David Stack, president of Superior Savings Bank. "He was hurting pretty bad."This is just such a sad, sad thing for his family and the community," said Marshall Weems, the city's former director of planning and port development.

    The two Kimmes sons were among four people killed when overcome by toxic fumes in a landfill manhole Nov. 1. Authorities said Joe Kimmes III went into the manhole, and as the fumes were overpowering him, the others tried to help him.
  2. How sad.

    Yes, I believe one can die of a broken heart. It's not unsual for one partner to pass on shortly after their spouse. It's like they have no reason to live.
  3. This brings tears to my eyes.
  4. so sad, I hope now there all together.
  5. I do believe that one can die from a broken heart.

    I remeber when my grandfather passed, my grandmother was deeply sad, I remeber over his casket she said "ill be along soon", mind you this was a healthy woman!! within a year we were burying her next to grandpa.
  6. OMG Jahpson, that is so sad. My grandma was having a very hard time too when my grandpa died. They were 1 year short of their 60th wedding anniversary when he died. She still cries sometimes when talking about him. We are lucky she doesn't succumb to her sadness and can still enjoy her life.
  7. I'm also a believer that one can die from a broken heart.

    My grandmother passed away this year on April 2nd, and it was the most difficult time for my grandfather. He passed away October 1st, just one day shy of it being 6 months since my grandma's passing.

    So sad. :crybaby:

  8. oh my, that poor woman:crybaby: thats good that she is still enjoying life. Hope she is all smiles and less tears now.
  9. ^^^
    Yes, she's okay now.Still cries when looking at old photos, but generally okay :smile:
  10. I agree. People can die of a broken heart. My friend's cousin's mother died. Before the mother's funeral, her youngest daughter died of a heart attack from grief. Terribly sad.
  11. Wow, all these stories are so sad. The reason I believe this is because I had an aunt who was sweet, strong, but sensitive. She almost died of cancer in her early 20's but survived miraculously because I think she had the will to live to raise her son. Then years later, her husband died while they were separated and an idiot friend told her he was just about to ask her to take him back. I've never heard such crying in my life.

    Then a few years after that, her son did some really hurtful things to her, another cousin she was trying to help was killed after she begged him not to go back to his home town (he was living with her). Her cancer returned, and she died exactly 3 months after my cousin.

    We butted heads a lot, but I was close to this aunt, and everybody else would say she died of cancer, but I would always say she had experienced too much sorrow in life to go on.:sad:
  12. so sad
  13. It's true that people can die of a broken heart. My grandmother was completely healthy when my grandfather died, then less than a month later she suddenly had terrible cancer and she was gone 6 months later. I think she was ready to go.
  14. Oy, that is so sad.
  15. I believe one can die from a broken heart too:sad: My mother's father passed away a few months after his wife (my mom's mom) died. More scientifically, if someone is psychologically struggling, their physical body will eventually suffer too. :sad: