Father, 3 Kids Vanish While Searching For A Christmas Tree *UPDATE*

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    The search area in rugged mountains of Butte County, Calif., where a father and three children vanished Sunday.

    A series of snow storms are hindering a desperate search for a father and his three children who vanished while searching for a Christmas tree in Northern California mountains.
    More than a foot of snow has fallen since Frederick Dominguez, 38, disappeared with his three children, aged 18, 15 and 12. They were reported missing by Dominguez's ex-wife and mother of the children on Monday night after learning that the youngest had not shown up for school, the Sacramento Bee reported.
    Later that night, their truck was found parked alongside the road.
    The family was not equipped to spend the night outdoors, with temperatures in the upper 20s, Paradise Police Sgt. Steve Rowe said. Rescuers described the area as rugged, marked by steep canyons.
    "They weren't expecting snow and they weren't thinking that they were going to be out there very long," Dominguez's ex-wife, Lisa Sams, told Fox News on Wednesday.

    The Associated Press contributed to this story.

  2. Hopefully they find them!
  3. Wow that's sad. Hopefully they are found. It reminds me of that other story last year of the wife and husband and child stuck in snow and the husband dying looking for help. I wish people would be more careful in dangerous snow situations! Especially to let people know where they are going!
  4. OMG i hope they are found soon :sad:
    my prayers for them
  5. Breaking news they have been found!
  6. That's good to hear.
  7. Yes they found a drainage pipe and hunkered during a snow storm in Northern Cal. They survived in that pipe for 3 days with fridged temps and on top of that another 12 inches of snow is expected tonight.

    They are blessed to have been discovered, apparently they wrote HELP in the snow and planes above read the message.
  8. *sigh*.. that sent chills through my body. I'm sooo glad they were found! :angel:I remember the big story where the CNET Employee/Father froze to death looking for help. Very sad..:crybaby:
  9. Wow.
    Makes me glad I have an artificial tree!!
  10. A miracle.
  11. I hope they are OK. I am sorry for the mother, she must be destroyed.
  12. nice to hear good news for a change
  13. I'm glad this ended happily but I first saw this story when it was reported that they had been found and my first thought was, what a moron. The search and rescue operations has probably cost thousands all because this guy thought it was a good idea to go into the wilderness, with his 3 kids, completely unequipped to find the perfect Christmas tree.
  14. Yup they were found. Whatever possessed the parent to go into a National Forest for the "perfect" tree when we have gazillions of Christmas tree farms around here is beyond me. Unless he wanted to look "manly" in the eyes of his kids... how stupid can one be? His children now have severe frostbite on their feet.

    I agree, how many thousands of dollars did this cost California? Just HOW stupid can people be to go somewhere they've never been, in incliment weather, with NO provisions, with THREE chidlren? I'm glad they are all home and safe, but I am appalled at what risk this father put these kids through.
  15. Odd the children were fine? No harm to them what's so ever. At least that's what I heard.

    Apparently the father and his extended family every year go as a group into these particular woods to get their Christmas tree (mom and dad are divorced). The father had just moved to Northern California and his family, this year was unable to do the 'group' tree cutting, so this guy ventured it out alone. Big Mistake. But praise GOD he and the kids survived. It really was a case of naivity.