Fate - it was meant to be!

  1. I've been wanting a red epi petit noe for ages. I had thought about let-trade but they've not had any for a while so I was resigned myself to having to pay full price when I go to France next month.
    This morning I decided to take a Marc Jacobs bag - an expensive impulse buy mistake - into a designer secondhand shop to sell.
    Now, here's the thing, I live in rural Wiltshire - where you don't see many LVs & I'd never been to this new to you store before.
    The owner is an ex-film stunt woman and is a real character and we got chatting while she checked over the Marc Jacobs.
    I glanced around and there right alongside me hanging on a hat stand was a red epi petit noe!!!
    She'd only brought it down from her London store that morning and had put it out just 30 minutes before.
    Now do you see why I say it just had to be fate.
    I snapped her up for £275. She just needs a new leather drawstring and after a good clean and polish she's looking great. I will post pix asap.
  2. Wow what a great story!! It must have been fate! Is the store in Bath? If so where abouts?
  3. Yay, congratulations on your new bag! That petit noe was definitely meant for you!
  4. Wow. That is fate. Congrats.
  5. congrats! :yahoo:
  6. congrats yeah the lv gods are amazing hu, you know you can put a scarf or bandana instead of the string like some girls do...
  7. That is so awesome, I love when stuff like that happens!!
  8. That's wonderful!!
  9. don't you love it when you come across things like that? congrats your fateful purchase! :smile:
  10. Wow... great story! Congrats!
  11. Wow, that is fate!!! Congratulations!!!

    Would you be so kind to share the address of the store? I travel regularly to the UK and wouldn't mind taking the time to visit a store that is really worthy!! :yes: Cheers!!
  12. Yep - that's fate and never go against it :p You did the right thing! Enjoy your Red Epi :yahoo:
  13. LOL....a match made in heaven. Congrats!
  14. Great story- congrats on the epi red noe!
  15. Congrats!! Can't wait to see the pics!!