Fate (and Lubriderm) kept us together

  1. Dear Cornflower First,
    I am very sorry I tried to send you to another home the week I got you. I admit, I'm conditional, I'm fickle, and although I always loved you I kept thinking about what could come along next. I should have been able to see past your veininess to the true color you had underneath. I will try to do better from now on.

    p.s. Maybe we can get you a little ink or black classique to play with soon

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    So to try to make up my initial rejection of the pretty Bbag, I whipped out the Lubriderm last night (...hmm, the way I put that sounds sort of sketchy.... :wtf: anyway....) and read Roo's and other posts really thoroughly. I kept thinking that maybe it was just the veininess of the bag that kept me from truly appreciating it. (This is my first Bbag, so I had nothing to compare to.)

    I went step by step and am SOOOO happy with the results. The leather is much nicer now, and I love the color!!! It reminds me of Indigo. I still need to break it in some, but the lotion alone made a huge difference.

    I have decided that I am going to keep this bag for awhile and ENJOY it-- at least for awhile :graucho:

    Here's before (the first two pictures) and after, then the last one is of the inside pocket that wasn't Lubridermed to contrast with the outer leather that was.
  2. It's beautiful!! I love your before and after pics! Congratulations and enjoy your bag!!
  3. Oh my sweet lord :nuts: - that bag is absolutely breathtaking! :tender: Now I'm eyeing my grenat city :graucho:
  4. wow!!! hmmm, okies, im still torn about doing this loob thing to my twiggy... hmmm, i'll keep thinking about it!!!

    it looks totally yummy!!! yeah totally get an ink or a black b-bag too... hehehe!
  5. ^^DO IT, DO IT!!! I *promise* once you get started you'll see that you're not hurting your bag....I spot-tested it first myself because I was scared. Then I just went NUTS!! :wlae:
  6. YUM YUM! LOVE your cornflower first! Good thing you didn't let it go! It looks great after lubriderm :love:
  7. TT- what an incredible outcome!!! Love the results!!! It should be called the magic lotion!!!LOL It's GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  8. It looks amazing!! Congrats!
  9. Wow, you could tell the difference! I love that color, it is so pretty! I think you should enjoy the bag!
  10. So pretty! The color is gorgeous, you two have a happy life ahead of
    you.....or at least until the next bag comes along :flowers: :love:
  11. I recently Lubed my brand new Ink City. I actually WANT to wear it now. I was so disappointed with the way it looked and felt brand new. I think I may have to Lube it again. Totally worth the anxiety attack I had while rubbing in that stuff. :happydance:

    BTW- your Cornflower is TDF now!
  12. I can also attest to the fact that long-term, the lubriderm does not seem to have harmed my cornflower Twiggy. I have checked and re-checked it for adverse affects but have found none.

    Just call me the PF guinea.... pig :P :wtf:
  13. OH MY GOSH!! That is an incredible difference. Great results (Go Lubriderm!). Glad to hear you are now happy with the Cornflower!! Congrats on 'keeping her'!
  14. Okay, great before and afters but someone share about putting Lubriderm on a bag? I've never heard this and the curiousity has got me:P
  15. wow, TTucker, your "lubed" cornflower first looks amazing & i'm so happy you're keeping her now :tender: