FATBOY - Beanbag anyone got one?

  1. hi guys.. my SO realllly wants one of these... REALLY REALLY wants one.. but im not too sure i think its a bit pricey. however in sutff magazine its rated no.2 of things you have to get as its soo comfortable.. anycase wanted to know if anyone has one or has heard about them

    see link for more details

  2. Ooooo looks comfy. Could you guarantee to get his arse out of it when the grass needs cutting though :roflmfao:
  3. I've got one!!! Love it, kids love it, cats love it. I bought mine over four years ago and it's soooo dirty so I need to clean it. It's great because you can sit it up like a chair, two people can lie on it.........and they look cool.
  4. I like this one:

  5. We have them everywhere in the office !
    heavy stuff but great quality
  6. oooo!!!

    What more can you tell me about them? they are a bit pricey.. do u think they are worth it? how are they diff from a normal bean bag
  7. They ARE expensive, but definitely worth it. It's great for extra seating, for taking a nap in, for kids to jump on, they can be used outside (well, I do). I'm actually thinking of getting a second one as they are so useful. Also, they look great and are easy to clean.

    If you do get one, check different sites (including fatboy.nl) as the prices do vary a lot.

    One thing......and it could be me......is that when you're relaxing and the phone rings they are hard to get out of in a hurry (as with all beanbags). I find the sidewards commando roll the quickest way to exit. Not the most graceful thing to watch but it's effective.
  8. hahahah ^ thnks for that!

    my so is obsessed with them.. and wants one badly- will have to look into it
  9. I have one! It's very comfortable to lie on, I always relax and listen to music on it.
  10. LOL I missed "beanbag" in the title and thought you were talking about a Harley. :p I was going to say go for it!!