Fatal shooting at Finnish school

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  1. From BBC http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/7082795.stm

    At least seven people have been killed and several others injured in a shooting at a school in southern Finland, medical officials say.
    Students were taken to a hastily organised crisis centre

    The incident took place in the town of Tuusula, some 50km (30 miles) north of the capital Helsinki.
    Finnish media reported that the shots had been fired by an 18-year-old man at the town's Jokela secondary school.
    The school building has been evacuated and police inspector Tero Haapala said the situation was now under control.
    Mr Haapala said that "there is no danger to outsiders", without commenting on reports that police had arrested the gunman.
    Dr Eero Hirvensalo, the head of the medical response team, said seven or more people had been killed and that the death toll could rise.
    He told the Associated Press that one person was "severely injured" and that 10 others had minor injuries.

    'Jumped from windows'
    A Tuusula municipality spokeswoman said the gunman opened fire during a lesson at Jokela secondary school, which has 400 pupils between 12 and 18.
    Students and staff fled in panic, and a number of heavily armed police were later seen rushing to the scene.
    Kim Kiuru, a Jokela teacher, said the head teacher announced over the school public announcement's system just before noon (1000 GMT) that all students should remain in their classrooms.
    "I stayed in the corridor to listen to more instructions having locked my classroom door," Mr Kiuru told Finland's YLE radio.
    "After that I saw the gunman running with what appeared to be a small calibre handgun in his hand through the doors toward me after which I escaped to the corridor downstairs and ran in the opposite direction."
    "It felt unreal - a pupil I have taught myself was running towards me, screaming, a pistol in his hand."
    Mr Kiuru said he saw a woman's body as he fled the building. He said he then told his students to "jump out of the windows... and all my pupils were saved".

    YouTube video
    It is not yet clear if the gunman is among the dead.
    According to reports, a video called "Jokela high school massacre 11/7/2007" was posted on the YouTube website by an 18-year-old man during the past two weeks.
    The video shows a picture of a building by a lake and two photos of a young man holding a gun.
    Going by the username Sturmgeist89, the person who posted the video calls himself a "social Darwinist" who would "eliminate all who I see unfit". "Sturmgeist" means storm spirit in German.
    The video has now been removed from the website and police have not yet commented on it.
    It is the first reported shooting incident at a Finnish school.
    A video named "Jokela high school massacre" was posted on YouTube
  2. Thats really horrible. I just read about it in our newspapers as well :sad:
  3. wow it is so creepy that they would put that kind of a video on youtube.

    just another cry for help that went unoticed. What is going on with this world today??!
  4. There are eight confirmed deaths at the moment. One is a teacher, two are girls and five are boys. The killer also tried to kill himself but is still in critical condition.
  5. this is so sad. i really feel bad. at first i heard about this from my dad and i just couldn't react . i was like ok, what about it. now i'm really feeling bad. :'(
  6. calls himself a "social Darwinist" who would "eliminate all who I see unfit" *rolls eyes* idiot. I hate hearing about this stuff, it's so sad... school is supposed to be safe. :sad:
  7. I feel terrible for the shooter. Just like I feel terrible for the Columbine shooters, and the Virgina Tech shooter. This does not exclude me from also feeling sympathy for the victims.

    However, something has to change with how we raise our children. Each and every one of these school-yard shooters have been victims of endless torment and bullying at the hands of their classmates: this has been proven for every last one of them (well, except for the guy in Finland, too soon to say for him). That kind of behavior will really push people over the edge, especially people who already have a mental illness (like the poor guy at VA Tech). It is simply not okay to TORMENT people.

    I remember high school and I remember how incredibly vapid, inane and cruel 85% of the kids were, probably including myself. We did not deserve a bullet to the head, but a few of us could have benefited from a good slap in rear because we simply did not know how to treat other human beings well. Those of us who have not been the victims of bullying don't understand the kind of lasting psychological scars bullying leaves.

    I have A LOT of compassion for the victims and the families killed in school shootings, but I also have a lot of compassion for the shooters who obviously are deeply hurt individuals who feel they have no recourse but violence.

    I wish we would stick up for underdogs.
  8. Actually this Finnish shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen did indeed have friends. He might have been bullied but I jut saw an interwiew in which a friend of his was in total shock.
  9. awful news :sad:
  10. actually this has been horrible time for finnish schools. last week a boy got stubbed with a screwdriver. it's very scary because that was at the school where i went for eight years. i'm not sure if the guy who was stubbed was in my old class or my parallel class... though i haven't met neither the victim or the violent guy.
  11. We had a finnish exchange student who lived with us for 9 months when I was a teenager. I learned a lot about the culture in Finland and I have a longstanding love for it's people. This is simply AWFUL.
  12. i happened to be flying to helsinki today, and the number of cnn cases on the baggage carousel was quite nauseating :sick:.

    i've seen two youtube videos and outside of the context the first one doesn't look particularly worrying, it looks like a teenager being a poser. i would've thought it was a toy gun. the second one on the other hand is a bit disturbing :s but i would probably still have thought it was a sick joke if i'd seen it beforehand.

    if you want to see them... (warning, this may be disturbing so view at your own risk... -- roo)


    from what i gather he was a bit of a recluse but had a few friends, i haven't heard anything about bullying yet. still, a lot of people are recluses and don't go into school and start shooting their classmates.
  13. oops, sorry about that.

    i'm watching the news now and the total death toll is nine, including the shooter who died about an hour and a half ago in hospital.

  14. not a problem AT ALL annanas- just want people to be aware of what they may be watching. :yes:
  15. How sad and terrible. There should be no reason why awful things like this happen in schools. I wish it would stop.