Fatal Duffle

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  1. I think it's darling but not on a middle aged woman like myself. I am already treading the line of what is age appropriate will all the studs I wear. Skulls are going to put me over the edge into looking ridiculous and trying to act pathetically young.
  2. I love it.. And I want one too...
  3. I'm not sure I could pull it off either but I think it's super fun. I may have to settle for the little pouch instead. :biggrin: I think the color combo is toooo cute!

  4. Now I want one!! I like that it has leather on the sides. Is this on sale anywhere?

  5. :lol: This post made me smile..
  6. I love the skulls! I have the mortale clutch that I use all the time! This and the cosmetic case would be a great addition!
  7. You smile all you want at this middle aged woman wearing her Studded to the Hilt Flame bag. I have a bit of life left in me left. Then I will gracefully move into my conservative basic black Prada Hobo where I belong.
  8. I don't believe in following any "age" related fashion rules. If you feel good w/ it, then rock it out. I think the times have changed and these days anything goes. Just like the whole white after labor day thing.... is long gone. Enjoy your skull bags girls. You are as young as you feel!
  9. I think the "covet30" code works on LB.... But not sure for how long so I'd hurry!
  10. Oh man I totally just remembered that code......ohhhhhh boy... I want it! And I want the cosmetic bag too...too cute!
  11. It's cute.. but for some reason, it doesn't look very 'designer' to me.. maybe non-leather?
  12. It's cute. I like the EB leather accents with the print.