Fat grafting in Thailand?

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  1. Hello, anyone here knows any credible clinic in thailand who does fat grafting prp type on face? Before seoul, my first stop in Bangkok so Im hoping I can do my fat graft here before I do my fc in SoKor.
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  2. anyone here tried doing fat grafting in bangkok? Please share your experience
  3. I only know that Thai is famous for dental but haven't heard about the fat grafting in Bangkok at all.
    Why don't you do fat grafting in Seoul? seems like most of ppl doing facial or body surgery in Korea.
  4. Anyone did fat graft in BKK?
  5. everybody does it in Korea nowadays. I tried some f2f consultations with the famous big clinics in thailand like DRK and masterpiece and they seem not familiar with the stemcell / prp type of fat grafting. So my advise is just do it in Seoul
  6. Hi
    Everyone goes to Korea for Fat graft and also, I did fat graft on my butt in Korea as well
    It is not a races of country, but I do not prefer to do plastic surgery in Thailand even it is cheap for it.
    Heard and watched some video about Plastic surgery in Thailand it was aweful!
    I think Korea PS is quite good for fat graft surgery with stemcell or prp.
  7. for me its about the experience and knowledge about the procedure. One day when Thailand is already innovative when it comes to fat grafting, I’ll do it there :smile:
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