Fat girl slim cream?

  1. Anyone tried this? Does it work? I keep seeing it on the Bliss website and am tempted to get it. xx
  2. I just bought it (slim pickings kits), let me check back with you in about a week, and let you know.
  3. what is it?
  4. The jar says it "visibly diminishes dimples and firms skin with caffeine encapsulated in QuSomes."
  5. Ok, part of my degree is in nutrition.

    That said, I gotta tell ya girls, some of those products DO work very TEMPORARILY. As in, for a couple hours. They slightly shrink cellulite cells with the caffeine, working almost on the same principle as when you drink caffeine to restrict blood vessels so a headache will be less severe.

    Some of these formulations work better than others, but don't expect permanent results with any of them, unfortunately :sad:
  6. I wonder if this is why some people exfoliate with coffee grounds.

    I've been tempted to try it, but I'm such a klutz, I would spill the stuff, just like I do with the sugar, but the sugar dissolves. ;)
  7. True dat!!!!

    With caffeine in the formulation, it will help to shrink the tissues (that is the active ingredient in many eye creams including M.A.C. Fast Response Eye Cream) but it's only temporary.
  8. Hey Shimma,
    Coffee grounds? That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen!:roflmfao: I would make a mess with that, too.
    You should try the Derma New system, it comes with a body puff to use all over. If you use it 5 times, it's the equivalent to a professional micor-dermabrasion.
    Ask your stylist, maybe she can pick the system up for you at her distributor.
  9. I will ask her, and also ask the lady at Sally's, about how much it costs. ;)

    Do you think it is really better than white cane sugar?

    Edit to add, I think Halle Berry is the celebrity that has most recently confessed to exfoliating with coffee grounds. Or if not, maybe Julia Roberts. Or both. And I also know some people who do it in real life, but they are of that ilk that keep their bathrooms squeaky clean. Eww.
  10. This Bliss product does not work. I recommend Estee Lauder's version of cellulite gel or there is a new Chanel version that works great. I know these products only provide temporary improvement, but I have noticed a difference on the days that I don't use the gel.

  11. Yea, I am disappointed so far. It seemed to tighten up for a little while, but the effects did not last long at all.