Fat Cat

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  1. He is 22 pounds!! I have two others, one is anorexic/bulemic, one is a bully, and the obese 22 pounder.

    They eat good healthy stuff, but I want to get the one to lose some weight. Worried about him, don't want him to get diabetes or whatnot.

    Anyone have a fat cat? I think he's the most adorable thing...
  2. i do! mine is a 20-21 pounder. a year ago he was 18 pounds :shocked:
    but he's on special prescription food that i was told is high calorie.

    but he's my only big boy! all my other cats are normal and all of my cats eat the same food.
  3. mine was about 14 pounds. cute as a button. she died peacefully in her sleep at 18y/o. never had a health problem. i miss her.
  4. We have a fat cat, she doesn't eat a ton...She probably weighs around 14-16 lbs right now. She is healthy!!! She is a cutie too...just love her!
  5. Our fat cat is more playful than the other two, and he always "talks" back to me and looks at me, so I think he's pretty happy and healthy! He just eats when the other one chases him to play!! but lately he playfully pins other cat down. :biggrin:
  6. ^That sounds like my cat!

    She is 17 pounds, down from 23 when we adopted her! She has the most personality by far out of all my cats, and always "talks" back. She has a very focused stare and sometimes I think she can understand every work I'm saying.

    Here she is! btw she likes to sit like a toad teeheehee...
  7. ^^hahaha! i love it when cats sit like that.
    i took a pic of my big one last night. he sleeps in the weirdest positions. i'm not sure it came out the best since it was in the dark but i might see if i can get it uploaded. i couldn't stop laughing because he looked so ridiculous.
  8. I have two fat cats who are both on diets as directed by the vet. My older boy was almost 20lb and my younger one is about 17lb.

    Both of them are now eating Purina OM (overweight management) and I HOPE that they will suceed in losing weight coz this is double the price of their normal food (science diet light) They are both healthy with no problems with liver, kidneys etc.. but they are 8 and 7 yrs old so I am hoping to get them in a more ideal weight and then cut off cat food all together and then feed them "real food" like boiled chicken or turkey breast.

    Mainly due to the reason that I suspect cat foods may cause other health concerns in the future (kidney failure, liver diseases.. other of which my old family cat had when she passed almost 1 yr ago at age 20)
  9. I have an 18 pounder (or at least that's what he was the last time he was weighed) but he is also about twice the size, heighth wise, as the other two. I do have to lock him in a room to feed him because he snarfs his food like he hasn't eaten for days and then would eat the other two cats' food just as fast if I let him. He went through a period where he lost a TON of weight due to teeth problems and when I took him to the vet the tech remarked on how great he looked. All I could think was he looked anorexic!! He has since had almost all of his teeth removed (just not his fangs) and gained all his weight back. I only feed the recommended doseage for 10 lb cats so I'm not sure what his deal is.
  10. I just adopted a fat cat! His belly almost touches the floor! He's now on diet food now that I have him, so I'm hoping I can get him down to a healthier weight
  11. Mine just had her check up, and she's 6.5kg, so about 1.5kg overweight for her size! I think this might be like 16pounds, not sure. We did notice the weight gain before her vet visit, and she had lost maybe half a kg beforehand.

    She's strictly an indoor cat, but since we lost our dog she's probably been a bit lazy. They liked to run around together. Her food is now back up on the table so she has to work to get it :biggrin: