Fat Cat Loves Being Vacuumed

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  1. Too funny! - I think I'll try that at home!
  2. That is one way to stop a cat from shedding everywhere, lol. The cat seemed to really be enjoying himself.
  3. OMG...my cats can't get away from the vaccum fast enough!!! That is just too funny!
  4. What a nut! :yes: That kitty was in seventh heaven! It's extra surprising that he liked the vacuum on his belly. My cats won't even let me pet them there!
  5. That is hilarious so cute!
  6. I know, isn't this cat amazing??!!!! It is clear that the kitty totally loves it!!! I wish I could do this to my dog, too. Too much loose hair these days from everyone.
  7. he he he, me and my mom enjoyed watching this.
  8. My cats run for cover at the first sign of the vacuum.
  9. My 2 cats I have now hate the vacuum. But when I was growing up we had a cat that LOVED to be broomed. You couldn't get the broom out to clean up anything without spending 10mins brooming her. :p
  10. My cat hates the vacuum and the dustbuster equally. He only needs to see either one of them before he takes off like NASCAR.
  11. Our hairy cat Sid LOVES being vacuumed..... only on gentle suction though. He hears the vacuum start up and runs towards it. He probably likes it because he is too darn lazy to groom himself.;)
  12. Cute. My horses love being vacuumed. Never thought to try it on a cat.
  13. That was great!:lol:
    The vaccum is our cat's nemesis and arch enemy.:boxing:
  14. Hilarious.