Fat Burners

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  1. i.e Zantrex, LipoX.......that actually work?
    has anybody actually used them and have it REALLY work...? or do u think it's mostly a psychological thing...?:shrugs:

    I've started working out again recently, after a long period of not doing so... and was wondering whether i should get a lil help? :idea: my roomate's used LipoX before + working out and he lost SOOOOOO much weight in just a couple of weeks!!! :wtf: but i don't know whether it's just a dose of caffeine and it tricks u into exercising more or if there was actually something to it...

    I've personally tried ultra ripped - ultimate nutrition and i did lose a lil bit of weight but i stopped working out in between because i got sick so now i'm not sure whether the effect was due to the pills or my sickness.. :p

    Opinions please...!!! i just need a jump start to getting my body back... :crybaby::shame:
  2. Please do not take any of that suff. It is ALL bad for you !!!!!!!!:sad:

    Did you ever notice for ANY of those "fat burner" propogandas they ALL say to eat right and exercise while you are taking that **** ????????????? Do you want to know why ????? Because it's the eating right and the exercising that is making you lose the weight NOT their products !!!!:true: It's so frustrating for me especially b/c I do nutritional counseling and I get clients that so want to believe in this stuff and it JUST DOESN'T WORK !!!

    The FDA doesn not regulate ANY of this stuff so these companies can say ANYTHING they want (and they do):smash: :cursing: :smash: :cursing:
  3. I take Chromium Picolante, Selenium, and CLA all vitamins that aid in fat burning. There are no side affects, and I notice the Chromium makes me sweat just a bit more when I exercise. These were all suggested to me by my Dr.
  4. Sorry, we don't promote the discussion of unhealthy methods to lose weight and get fit. Only healthy diet and exercise advice, please! Thanks :nuts:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.