Fat Actors........

  1. Some critics said that they're trapped in their role (mostly the comic roles), do you think they stand a chance in a serious role......
    I'm sure you remember Ice Cube's failure in Triple X sequel....

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    source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. umm... havent seen the triple x sequel but i dont think ice cube is fat - he's not skinny but not quite fat ummm donno anyways if he gained weight for that role or not
  3. I am crazy about James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano) and he's definitly a FAT man. Men can get away with that while women can't - that's sucks.
  4. it's a shame how there are 'normal' actors and 'fat' actors and that the 'fat' ones get the short end of the stick. You never hear anything about 'dumb' or 'mean' actors not getting work.
  5. Camryn Manheim isn't in a comedic role . . . I agree though w/ them getting typecast, I would imagine most overweight/plus-size actors are in comedic roles.
  6. Unfortunatly curvaceous actors are just called to work for comedic roles, but it's unfairy! They can be great dramatic ones if somebody could give them this opportunity, or not??!!
  7. I totally disagree. Anthony Anderson has been successful in various non-comedic roles as has ice cube in other avenues of entertainment, not just the few comedies he has done. Danny Devito only does comedy roles when he wants to and only because he likes to. He execute produces tons of huge movies and believe me is not hurting for any roles.

    and cedric the entertainer - he has been a stand up comedian forever - regardless of whether he is fat skinny dark or light - the man is just a comic genius and is now getting funny roles in hollywood and having a great time.

    i feel that the whole 'fat actor' thing is an urban legend and manifested moreso by the media and unknowing fans...

    just My 2 cents. remember- laugh if it's funny!! :smile:
  8. Queen Latifah?? Not just comedy.