Fasting, detox, whatever, is it healthy?

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  1. hm weird, my medical professionals encouraged it for me (not over weight or anything like that...but to help cure digestive/ intestinal problems) oh and it worked

    you just cant do it everyday, but mini fasts or a couple long fasts annually are GREAT for most people.

    Problem is most people dont know this since so many people lack the self control to actually fast. :p
  2. Your doctor recommended you consume nothing but water, diet coke and black coffee for 8 days? :shocked:

    Please don't call me uneducated. There really is no call for you to be rude. You have not provided a link explaining the benefits of a diet consisting of diet coke/coffee/water, so I'm curious as to where it is that you would like me to read about the health the benefits of your "diet coke/coffee/water fast"?
  3. Most cleanses like that are usually really harsh on your colon, probably why you felt like crap. Just do a water cleanse, meaning only drink water for a week or so. ... I'd also talk to your doctor, make sure you dont have any underlying conditions that it could be harfmful for.
  4. Do you mean literally eat nothing for 30 days? What do you drink? Please note: I'm not being sarcastic, I'm honestly interested as I've never heard of anyone not consuming a single morsel of food for 30 days.
  5. Yeah, water. I have NEVER been able to go that long, because lol i usually dont prep right before i jump into a fast meaning doing a juice fast or something a few days before, not just eatting crap the day before and waking up to do a fast, longest ive gone is 7 days.

    But yes a true water fast would be eatting NOTHING for 30 days. I sometimes dont do a 100% water fast. But also do coffee, black and tea, black. Sometimes diet coke.

    It makes me feel amazing after just 7 days. I dont know why i always loose control and eat or drink (alcohol) lol ....

    im going to try 30 tomorrow.

    Hoestly also, you can even go on youtube. google water fast. a lot of people have done 30+ days successfully.

    My doctor told ME specifically, as i am now, he is okay with me doing 30 days. Once you read on it your body signals when you should stop. you just have to listen to it. but again thats me and i dont have any other health problems.

    Edit: lol no my doctor recommended water only. He hates that i drink diet coke
  6. Sorry lol! But I get crap from a lot of people sometimes who know nothing about it, and think they do lol ...

    Google it. theres a ton of things. I personally like youtube and blogs. I prefer to read about PERSONAL point of views from people who have actually experienced fasting.

    but yes i was as skeptical as you lol until me and my doctor started talking about options for my ulcerous colitis, before it got so bad id have to get parts of my colon removed. This was an option. I was suppose to go 30 days but i did a couple mini fasts and since, I have had NO problems with my colitis!! So after reading more on it and how it helps heal your body I 100% from personal experience believe that fasting helps heal the body

    And doctor DID NOT recommend that i drink diet coke lol ... its actually horrible for you.... i drink diet coke the first few days usually to help with the hunger in day 1-3. then the hunger tpyicaly is gone and i stick to just water.

    Oh and with water fasting google "Ketosis" thats typically what kicks start your body starting to heal itself. The reason i drink back coffee is it doesnt kick me out of ketosis when my body is in that stage. Some people, it has, or it has delayed it at least. For me it doest. Diet coke DOES
  7. Shes actually right, it is why your skin looks bad temporarily, then it gets better.

    Out of curiosity have you ever even fasted?!?!?
  8. Here are some resources that I just found through a google search. I didnt read all of them in full, but some are from my saved "favorites"

    Couple of my fav youtube fasters

    hope that helps!!!

    again for more, you can just google "water fasting" "health benefits of water fasting" "doctor recommended water fasting" , etc.
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    As a physician, this thread makes me VERY uncomfortable. I can't imagine any responsible physician recommending a 30-day water fast, especially for someone with inflammatory bowel disease. This thread has become very "pro-fast" and almost "pro-anorexia". Inviting another tPF member to be your "fasting buddy" crosses the line. I'm going to report this thread to the mods because I would hate for any of our young, impressionable tPF members to decide to "fast" and endure long-standing health problems as a result of this forum. We can discuss health issues responsibly, but when someone started recommending a diet of coffee, diet coke, and water, I knew this thread had taken a different route than discussing fasting for religious/spiritual reasons.

    Note: that "doctor" Ben Kim is a chiropractor. I would recommend seeing a medical doctor (M.D. or D.O.) that has completed a residency (in Internal Medicine, Med-Peds, or Family Practice) and has ALSO completed an ACGME-approved fellowship in Gastroenterology.
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    hahaha okay. yes. clearly one 30 day fast a year or a couple 7 day fast is the same as ANOREXIA and BULIMIA right?!

    So isnt having a couple drinks, that basically makes you an alcoholic


    and where does the header of this post say this is for religious/ spiritual reasons?! its asking if its healthy

    whatever im all set with this thread. ill stick to purses and shoes :hugs:

    Oh and.... im 5 ft tall 110 lbs and PERFECTLY happy with my body :heart: :happydance:

    Oh and MODS I also dont think the feelings of one person should limit our freedom of speech and personal experiences because they dont like it. Anorexia is not just triggered by a fast but by SEVERAL factors including emotional and chemical imbalances in the brain, or so research has stated. Its not 100% known what causes them, but that its several factors ( I took a few psych classes in college)

    Maybe we should take down the HTC diet thread also, since that consists of a person eating 500 calories a day WELL BELOW the physician recommended.
  11. I'm sorry but the "opinions" of not eating anything but water for a week or a month is not the kind of advice we're willing to give on tPF. Just because people do it on youtube and make up obscure websites talking about it doesn't mean it's safe.
    We don't allow the promotion of OTC appetite drugs and we aren't going to allow this to continue.
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