Fastest way to kick a Cold to the Curb?

  1. I hate being sick. I'm almost never sick. Sure I've dealt with allergies to dust and pollen all my life, but for some reason, colds almost always pass me by.

    Except, it seems, this Thanksgiving holiday.

    So.. besides rest & plenty of fluids....what do you ladies use to hurry along a cold?

  2. 5000 mg of vitamin C!
    Chicken soup!
    I take this Chinese herbal medicine that tastes like molasses. It gets rid of a sore throat.
    Oh yeah and gargle with salt water.
  3. Echinacea works for me. I've heard others say Zicam (sp?) works well. I can't stand the taste of it.
  4. Vitamin C, zinc and tons and tons of water. Chicken soup is great too...I like to substitute that with clam chowder, LOL.
  5. Zicam is AMAZING! You can get swabs that are like Q-tips that you just rub inside your nostrils a few times a day. It ALWAYS lessens my cold to just a fews days instead of two weeks. Try them!
  6. Echinacea has been proven to knock 1-3 days off the duration of a cold
  7. Emergen-C mixed with water and taken 4-5 times a day, plus Zicam swabs.
  8. I used to be a firm believer in Echinacea until recently I've read in one of the magazines that Echinacea was linked to colon cancer. So, no more Echinacea for me.

    In case of cold, Zicam in any form works wonders for me :smile: I also herd from one of my co-workers that Zinc chewable tablets (available in Wal-Mart) works as good as Zicam. I am going to pick some tomorrow.

  9. Plenty of sleep.
  10. Take looooooots of Vitamin C anywhere you can get it. Orange juice, vitamin C drops, chewable vitamin, fruit!
  11. take manuka honey, add warm water, and drink as much as you can.
    the taste is great, sweet and tangy , it makes me feel tonnes beta!
  12. This is key along with any other home/pharmaceutical remedies.