Fastest way to flat stomach

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  1. I have a computer job, so I spend more than nine-hours per day in front of the computer (yeah, I know, hoooorrible!). Because I sit a lot, and I don't like sitting up straight, it affected my stomach.

    What's the fastest way to a flat stomach? What food should I avoid? and what exercises should I do and when should I do them?

    I take a 20-minute-jog every morning but that's definately not enough. I do it about 10 minutes after I eat breakfast which is I know very wrong, but I can't seem to wake up earlier. Is it okay to go jogging three-hours after lunch? Is it a suitable time?
  2. I hear you on the computer job ugh! I think protein is the key and some fat burning exercises like spinning or aerobic etc. Pasta is said to puff up the stomach all though that goes down when the food has melted.
  3. tummy tuck!


    just kidding.

  4. thank you Nola

    ticklemethu, omg i can never do that. i don't believe in beauty after plastic surgery of whatever type (well, except for teeth beautifying if that's a way to put it). i would die before going under the knife, it's so scary. i hear it's quite popular in the US and southeast asia though, why? i think some people are naturally beautiful. I love how the japs and koreans look, and some americans have some really beautiful noses. i was never able to get it
  5. i usually do abs (with legs straight up) because it's supposed to be the best way in toning the upper belly (i think). i've read so many of those workout articles on MSN and most of them were abs with legs up or middle level. then i think leg lifts (on your belly) for the lower abs. also you can get into a sit up position and slowly work your way back down to the floow (try to hold yourself up a couple inches above the ground until you feel a burn). hope this helps!
  6. If you want to do something for your body really fast, have you checked out David Kirsch's NY Body Plan?

    It certainly isn't a plan for life, but it's an intense two week program designed to make you lose major weight.
  7. you have to definitely do a lot of cardio to get rid of the fat that is on top of the ab should try pilates and take a abs class at the gym. in pilates you use your ab muscles, it feels like you're not really doing anything but trust me you are. also drink lots of water to flush out all the salt in your body.
  8. i have a sedentary job as well. my body size roller coasters with how much cardio i do, but for a flat stomach? working the core properly with cardio.

    someone correct me if i'm wrong, but the most important thing about abs exercise is making sure you keep your stomach pulled in (imagine your belly button being pulled to your spine). a trainer told me that if i worked out without doing this, you can actually built OUT your abs - definitely not what i want!
    also, anytime you're doing anything: sitting, walking, etc... keep your abs tight. it not only helps your posture, but trains your abs to stay in and taut. it really makes a big difference!

    good luck to you and me! :smile:
  9. For me Pilates seems to work best.
  10. Unnecessary comment advocating unhealthy diet and health advice.
  11. Same here... ok, I'm not a great example of it at this very moment, but when I was doing pilates regularly you could really tell the difference! Give it a try!
  12. ^I don't think not eating is going to be any good at all. Not eating reduces your metabolism, makes you sluggish and is can deprive you from many vitamins and minerals needed to keep your body healthy.
  13. Are you serious?, did she just say not to eat?. Crunches!,also try to eat foods that are non fatty (veggies ect).
  14. Yes - I edited the post for its "tone" and how it promotes unhealthy habits, something that is not permitted on this forum :smile:
  15. Pilates Abs, you will not see the result right away so be patient. At least 15 minutes a day of Pilates Abs will give you a satisfactory result, trust me. Limit soda, and drink lots of water.