Faster patina?

  1. I know a lot of japanese people in Japan do this (even my cousin in Korea does this) but how do you develop patina faster? For some bags, I don't want it, some I do...I heard sitting it next to a sunny window helps?
  2. I put mine in the tanning bed. LOL!
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  3. Yes, letting it sit in the sun will darken the vachetta (just like it does to our skin;) )

    I think if you put appleguard conditioner on new vachetta it will also darken it a little (but I've never tried this)
  4. i was going to mention someone here does this! now i know who it was!

  5. Anyone else?
  6. yeah i used to do the same thing!! haha! it worked so well!
  7. Not storing it in it's dustbag and letting the leather have more contact with air.

    Touching the leather everywhere so the oils from your skin come in contact with the leather.
  8. Use your bag alot and it will get a patina fast.
  9. What about just putting it under a lamp in your house? Like one that is on your night table?

    Anyone try this?
  10. I once read about a person here on TPF who left the bag in a hot car. She said it really helped
  11. ^ That was me. =) It really works on new bags or those with very light patina assuming you live in a hot place. It was about 70 degrees that day and probably even hotter in the car. when I got back to the car, BAM! Sudden Patina! I don't like patina so I was sad but for those who like it, it works! Good luck! BTW, please be careful of thefts. I was in a very safe city so it is perfectly alright but I know of other places where an LV left in a car would be gone in a heartbeat so ladies, please be careful.
  12. I've been washing my hands and then rubbing my fingers over the vachetta every day and then storing it in the dustbag, it's now up to the pink stage :tup: I want it to be even and at around the honey stage before I take it out since it's luggage
  13. A friend of mine used a little of olive oil on her vachetta once a week. I must say that it looks very even, pretty, and honey colored.
  14. im new to this forum but i read that some people put their bag's in the tanning bed to help speed up the i did that today! how many times will i need to do this for?!?! i want it to hurry up! i got my speedy 25 for xmas and want it to not look so new!
  15. If you keep it out of the dustbag you will get a quicker and even patina.