FAST!~! Who is bored tonight (Orange County!)??

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  1. Wanna come with me to a one time only gay club "event"? It's gonna be at the Bellagio nightclub in Garden Grove, off Chapman and Harbor.

    I want people to go with me. hehe.. and I love taking girls! so much fun and no drama! :biggrin:

    so anyone that wants to come let me knoww ... i really wanna go! :biggrin: :cool:

    ps: it's an 18+, i'm 22, so i'm bound to pick up a drink! :graucho:


    sorry if it sounds like advertising, but i'm not! i just wanna go and have fun! :jammin:
  2. Have fun Jimmy!! I'll be studying...
  3. Aw, wish I could go, but I'm working on a paper... Gay clubs are so fun! :smile:
  4. Have fun and be safe!:tender::flowers:
  5. boo everyone is working and studying! wth.. so much for "saturday".

    (not talkin bout you 3 ^^ but all my other girlfriends said the same thing. :sad: )
  6. hey frozen, i was just wondering, did you ever buy that nasty looking mono alma on ebay a couple months ago?
  7. oh.. no. someone outbid.. well i never got the chance to bid cuz it went over $20. lol. it was like, $30 or something.
  8. i didnt think you got it cuz i knew if you did, you wouldve told us, probably better that you didnt tho, it was really gross
  9. Oh jimmy...I would've totally gone with you if I was still in the OC...moved up to the Bay last month =( Boo...have fun though!
  10. I would love to go with you... but I'm a bit too far away :sad: It's 03.25 here, and I don't feel like sleeping at all...
  11. I hope you find someone to go with, sounds like good times!
    I would love to come if only I wasn't so far away.
  12. Aw! I've been to a gay club before it was so much fun! I wish I could go with you :sad:
  13. have fun Jimmy, i wish i could go with you (have to study and plus, im not even in the OC). i have never been to a gay club and it sounds like fun.
  14. Have fun, fun, fun. In my younger days my girlfriend and I used to go to gay clubs because the music was great and we always had a great time there :yahoo: (we're both straight)
  15. ok well since no one is going, and some of my gay friends aren't sure they're going or not, i'm going out with my str8 friends to do a photoshoot for our cars instead. but i'll just be dressed ready for it just in case. haha. some of my gay friends are supposed to call if they decide to go.