Fast Responce!

  1. IM GOING TO LOUIS VUITTON AT Neiman Marcus... WHAT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD THINK ABOUT BUYING:graucho: :graucho: :graucho: (SOMETHING SMALL)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Not to steal your post, but I was thinking of going to LV of San Francisco later today. I was wondering what items you girls might have in mind that are under 1k (Just a surprise gift for my girlfriend, so I don't want to go super crazy haha). She's 19, not super girly, and on the shorter side of average height. Any help would be GREAT!

    P.S. No shoes/belts/etc.
  3. A wapity? Are you just looking for random suggestions or do you hav esomething in mind or a price rang?
  4. A white MC wapity. Haha. Thats what I want anyways. Good luck on your shopping trip.
  5. yeah, the white mc wapity is so cute!! :heart:
  6. well, i came back... and THEY DID NOT HAVE THE WAPITY (MONOGRAM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Did you get something else?
  8. what'd u end up getting?
  9. Did you get something?
  10. nope!!!!!!:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: they didnt have any wapities left in the monogram canvas
  11. well, ill try on sunday.. if its time permitting