Fast Patina process on different bags????

  1. I just read earlier that (imgg's) Manhattan which she barely uses got darker faster while (lindsayKaye's) Cabas Mezzo bought last july and uses 3-4x a week still has light vachetta.

    Can that really happen?some vachetta darkens faster? But i do noticed that my manhattan is darker than my other bags and it was all bought at the same time.
  2. Could it just simply be the level of UV rays? Because I've noticed that the vachetta on my bags patina faster during the summer months rather than the spring, autumn, and winter.
  3. uhmm i guess, but it makes me wonder if the my manhattan is rearely used how did it become darker than my other bags.I keep it in a dark dry place..
  4. Did you carry the bags (the ones with the lighter patina, not the manhattan) on cloudy days or days when the UV rays were not as strong?
  5. Did you store the manhattan in its dustcover? Because I've noticed that if you don't store it in the dustcover, that can make it patina faster as well (even if it was placed in a dark, dry place).
  6. No i carry the MC trouville more during the day.. Oh well may be we really can't tell why.because IMGG's said her manhattan got darker pretty fast too even she barely uses it.This may be a weird or stupid question but do you think the quality of vachetta differs in different styles?
  7. I wouldn't think that the quality of vachetta differs.
  8. That's funny, my manhattan patina'ed super fast too....but I always put that down to taking it to the philippines right after I bought it, where it is super hot.
  9. It depends on exposure to light and air I believe. Temperature also plays a part in it.
  10. Patina is accelerated by the oil on your hands....handheld bags will develop a patina much faster than those that are carried on the shoulder. That's why many old vintage speedies have almost black handles, but the rest of the leather is tan.
  11. But wait... my manhattan is developing patina way quicker than other bags too! Maybe they changed the vachetta type, since it is a newer design?
  12. Realistically, silver and copper are the same way. Two brand new pieces can be exposed to identical conditions, and they tarnish differently and at different rates. No one knows why. The vachetta is similar. We know that certain things accelerate the rate of patina, like skin oils, uv rays and perhaps humidity, but there isn't necessarily a rhyme or reason as to why one darkens faster than another when treated the same.
  13. I swear all of my bags patina quickly but I live in Texas and it's very HOT and HUMID! UGH

  14. I live in Texas also and I have noticed that my bag that I purchased in August and rarely use shows patina also. At first I did not think that it was that bad until I went into the LV store and I could really tell the difference.
  15. I know it kinda sucks! Even though they (LV) say not too, I store my bags in the boxes and it has helped! :shrugs: