Fast arrival of...

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  1. I was SOOO amazed by how fast non-Birkin/Kelly-order can arrive!

    This is the story...
    A few days before store manager went to Paris for the last podium, I asked my SA and store manager about if white Bolide could be made in chevre since I was afraid of getting the bag dirty in clemance or epsom. I thought white chevre would be much easier to take care of as cherve is shiny & easy to get things off with a wet, if anything gets on it, I might be able to just wipe it off...They told me Hermes do NOT make white chevre. So, SA told me she would try if SO would be possible or not. I told her if white chevre was not possible, I would not want a white Bolide...

    I went to Hermes last weekend to pick up my white mink coat(jacket?) that was ordered from Paris (it's SO BEAUTIFUL:heart: ). The store manager told me I also had a bag arrival. I thought one of my croc. Birkin orders was arrived:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: ! He told me it was white. I was like 'What white bag...?' Then I recalled I asked about white Bolide in chevre. He brought out shrinked wrap box with my name on it. But it was made of clemance.

    I was VERY surprised how fast it came in! Order was placed during summer, and it came in about a week ago. I explained to him I didn't want to order white bolide unless it could be made in chevre. He told me it was not possible, so, he changed the leather type for the order.

    Anyway, I learned that an order can arrive really fast for non-Birkin/Kelly bags. It was really cool to see FAST arrival of an order...:rolleyes:
  2. That's nice to know. Thanks for the info, Aspen.
  3. So did you get it?
  4. No...I didn't want it in clemance leather...But it was really gorgeous though...:drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. *Paging Bagg* There's a white clemence Bolide~~~
  6. Aspen, are you going to post picture of your mink jacket? it sounds gorgeous!!:love:
  7. Thank you, aspen for sharing your experience. I love to hear such stories. :heart:
  8. Congrats, Aspen!! Please, please, please post pix of your new treats! :nuts:
  9. Cool, Aspen! The jacket sounds lovely:heart:
  10. Yes! I got a digital camera as a Christmas gift!:wlae: You guys will laugh at me big time...I have to learn how to use this little thing. I need most basic & simplest digital camera. But I got a fancy one..:s This little fancy one confuses me more than anything!:push: I know how to take pictures (just press the botton~!), but this little thing has many icons and functions that annoy me greatly:p ! Give me little more time....I will figure it out, and post pictures! (OMG...)
  11. Glad to hear that you've got a digital camera at last, aspen. Play with the various modes and see how it goes. I think try AUTO and without flash.

    I just want to say that I was very glad reading this post, because it gives me hope! I may well be able to receive my SOs this year, as opposed to waiting years for it! But like I said, it's HOPE. (reality can be another matter) :heart:
  12. That's cool Aspen- and we MUST see the coat!!!
    I'm glad you have a camera, now!
  13. Wow! Your coat sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics. I hope one of tPF members grabs that white Bolide.:drool:
  14. Aspen - your new jacket sounds lovely - I do hope you figure out your new camera soon! the white bolide sounds beautiful though I do understand your point of view on the leather! Chevre is very easy to clean up in a jiffy...
  15. Congratulations.