Fasion Hire Ltd ??

  1. Just been browsing on line and have come across this site Fasion Hire Ltd ??
    They have EVERY top designer bag you could think of , including lots of Mulberry bags .
    Anyone of these bags can be rented out on monthly loan , for about £70 more or less.
    What a brilliant idea , either if you are looking to buy and not too sure on a style you could rent one out for a month to test drive or if you just couldn`t afford to actually buy one just rent one for the month.
    Has anyone else heard of this company ?
  2. P.S: Lots of thread about "Bag , Borrow or Steal" in tPF.
  3. Thanks plain j t ,I shall go and check it out.

    I`ve not heard of this before so it will a great thread to check out :smile:
  4. There's another uk based one that is recommended.
    It's beafashionista.co.uk