Is Fake Or Authentic?

  2. Welcome! I would not trust them. I cannot find a physical address for them anywhere on the site, so if you get ripped off it will be very hard to get your money back. They also talk about not having all their items in stock, which probably means they don't place orders until they come in, and they probably place orders from counterfeiters. I also do not like their return or exchange policy. I would not buy from any site that charges fees to return or exchange merchandise. Here's an excerpt:

    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Exchanges
    We will gladly exchange any merchandise you purchase for something else in accordance with the returns policy. A flat fee of $25 will be applied to all exchanges.

    We will gladly refund any merchandise you purchase. Please ship it back to us within 7 days of receipt and email us with the tracking number. A refund will be issued to the original purchaser's credit card within 2 days after receiving the returned item, and an email confirmation will be sent to you once we process your return. A 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the purchase price of the item to cover the credit card processing fees, warehouse fees, and Yahoo! Store Sales fees.
  3. More people hiding their identity with a Domains By Proxy registration. Stay away from these sites.
  4. thank you guys..
    how about
    they selling chloe bags through
    i really want one but i cant get my hand to them cause in aus dont have chloe store.
    and all the major apartment store sell them but dont have the color i want..:crybaby:
    what you suggest i can do?:hysteric:
  5. More fakes. The site sells Balenciaga and it looks like at some point they sold Chanel. These brands are heavily regulated and this site is not authorized to sell them. Chanel specifically is not sold by any third party.

    Again, like the other site, they charge a fee to return ($25) and they list no physical address. So I would stay away from this site as well.

    If you're looking for a specific Chloe bag, I'd try or check eBay.
  6. thank you so much you just save me so much money:woohoo:
    i'll contact chloe and see can they help me:roflmfao:
  7. lorihmatthews - our physical address is listed on the web site. You just have to click on the BBB logo, and all the info about our company incl. the physical address shows there. Also you can ask all of the PF members that have purchased from us, if we have ever charged the $25. We have not charged it once ever since we put it in our info. It is more of a prevention measure.

    Please also check under Chloe Shopping and also Balenciaga shopping for the list of authentic etailers - we are one of them. Just PM me and I can give you a list of all the members that have purchased Chloe bags from us.
  8. I am not sure what your assumption regarding Sabinesboutique is based on, but I have purchased from them before and they certainly are authentic. Infact Sabinesboutique seems to be big here on the forum and is listed as an official Chloe e-tailer under Chloe shopping.
  9. Thank you for correcting me, I was wrong. I retract my previous statement about this boutique. My humblest apologies! :yes:
  10. thanks every1 who reply:tup:
    btw i ordered a chloe paddy black from net-a-porter with the price of $924 its on sale
    so any1 interest you can order from them only black and brown still in stock. and it
    even cheaper then
    yeah :yahoo: i finally got my bag cant wait:woohoo: