Fashionsta NY sample sale?

  1. yea, i saw this at too... can anyone verify? The sale started yesterday, the 19th. I'm thinking of going on the 20th, the last day..... Is it legit?????????? TIA!
  2. I haven't been to this one either; waiting to see if anyone on tPF has been & can tell us whether it's worthwhile going.
  3. I went yesterday. Most of the bags are probably gone by now. I bought a Prada tote. The prices were not that great--they were much better at the Prada sale, for example, but they didn't have the specific bag at that sale that I wanted. They also had some small Balenciaga pieces and some wallets, etc. Also, a few Chanel items. I can't comment on the Chanel, but the Prada and Balenciaga were definitely legit.
  4. What Balenciaga did they have? TIA!
  5. They had some clutches and wallets--no larger pieces and only a few of the smaller pieces.
  6. I'm glad I was too tired to go! Thanks a lot for telling us! So there were no Guccis present?! haha.. probably all gone by the first day...
  7. I'm glad people posted. Definitely saved me a trip. Thanks.