Fashion's Night Out.....

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  1. Where are you going and what are you wearing?

    I'm going to Neiman Marcus, but not sure what i'm wearing.
  2. Going to do Soho for two hours then head up to midtown for the remaining time. Bloomies, Saks, Sephora, Tiffany, Swarovski, Bergdorf. Still have no clue what I am wearing smh but super excited!
  3. Too crowded uptown. Maybe downtown this year.
  4. I'm planning on doing Neiman Marcus, BCBG, & Tiffany's. This is my first year going, so I have no idea what I'm gonna wear.
  5. I'll be attending FNO online... probably wearing my pyjamas.

    Does anyone know if online retailers (ie shopbop, revolve etc) have any special deals during FNO?? I have a couple of full carts and am wondering if I should hold out :smile:
  6. I RSVP'd to the one in Tysons (in VA) but my mom backed out last minute. Plus I don't feel like dressing up if it's just gonna rain :sad:
  7. I rsvp'd at a few events @ Tysons & I'm quite excited. I don't plan to throw anything extraordinary on, probably my normal cute classy casual.
  8. Well it looks like it is going to be a beautiful evening to shop FNO in NYC after all! Yay for the good weather!
  9. I'm spending Fashion's Night In.... I went Last Year... and had a great time.... I might hit up next year's though....
  10. Just got back from one in my city. There wasn't much but I got a free goodie bag.
  11. We went to FNO at KOP mall. (Daughter dreams of going to Parson's and working in fashion some day, so maybe you can imagine how much of a national holiday she considered this to be. ;) )

    It wasn't *too* crowded, but there were lots of people at the fashion show outside Nordee's, as well as the blogging outside of, I think it was NiemanMarcus?, and also the raffles/games outside of L&T. There was also some confusion as to who was actually selling the "official" FNO tshirts/totes. The stores that were supposed to be selling them (according to the FNO website), weren't. But we were lucky to find the items at Nordee's. For example, one of the SA's at Betsey Johnson saw daughter's tote and exclaimed, "Where did you get that??? I can't find them!" The only problem was, Betsey Johnson was "supposed" to have been selling them right there themselves.

    Our spoils were ... FNO tote bag for daughter; a pink crystal butterfly hair-clip from Nordee's for daughter (she had the blue version from before, and every girl neeeeeeds pink); and a Betsey Johnson pink crystal heart pendant, that I'm actually going to use as a purse charm on an eelskin bag.

    It was fun, it really was. :biggrin: Daughter insists she wants to work for Anna Wintour some day. I admit, I'd really like to see the woman's face when she sees daughter's tote, then has to do the math to realize how young daughter actually was to attend this particular FNO. ;)

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  12. ^^ Such cute pix, thanks for sharing.
  13. hope all had a good time wherever their FNO was happening..
  14. Went to a couple stores along Michigan Avenue, but Neiman Marcus by far, had the best munchies:P
  15. I'm not going this year but I had fun a couple years ago when I went with the MJ girls to downtown NYC... I'm too tired to check out the one in LA and I feel like it'll be too posh for my taste, compared to NYC's downtown flavor.