Fashion's night out

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  1. Does anyone have any more info on that? It is under Coach News. There will be release of Coach classic duffle. Is that the one that is on Net-a-porter?
  2. As far as I know it will be available on the website (not sure about in stores?). It was one of the 5 revamps of the classic bags that came out last month. I noticed back then when they were first announced those purses, that only 4 were shown as being available for sale, which was confusing to me. But then in one of the pics. (splash screens I think they're called?) on their website I saw a pic. where were all 5 displayed together and if you hovered your mouse over the duffle, it said "available soon" (but no price listed). I just went back to the Coach website and can't find that pic. anymore unfortunately. I should have tried make a screen shot of it then....

    ETA- I just went to the Net-A-Porter site and the duffle I saw on the website did look exactly like the one that's shown on the Net-A-Porter site.
  3. I was wanting to know - can anyone attend that? Or do you have to have a special invite?
  4. I saw that picture of those 5 bags too. I asked the SA when I returned the stewardess bag about the duffle. She she brought it out in coral that was a return. It was beautiful, but made out of the leather that gets stained easily, even natural oils on the fingers leave marks. The SA showed me the book and told me it was sold out at the beginning of August, and never made it to the website with the other 4 classics. I thought it was strange. As far as I remember it also came in about 5 colors: bottle green, dark navy, whiskey, coral and black. It was pretty large though, but light weight. I hope it is coming back, or maybe it wasn't true that it was sold out on the first place.
    As far as invitations for the fashoin event, I don't know about that. Years ago I was invited to one of the preview evens, that was by invitations only.