Fashionphile's Ebay Guide to Authentic Listings Being Pulled

  1. So, I really like this seller, and I am sure plenty of you ladies and gents out in PF-land do too.

    When i first started getting into LV, I read all her guides, asked her some questions and always got informative, polite, complete answers. (Then I fell into TPF, and now YOU get to be my compatriots and mentors!)

    Anyhow, she wrote something else, it's more of an ad, but check it out anyway.

    eBay Store - Only Authentic Louis Vuitton: FASHIONPHILE Announcements
  2. Woah!
  3. That sukz.
  4. That's really interesting. so they're taking advantage of people having their authentic auctions ended by offering to sell for them? why not help them sell them themselves?

    oh and i think fashionfile is great but the new measures really don't seem to be affecting them at all. they still get the highest prices of anyone and i doubt they have anything pulled ever.
  5. 30% is too much.
  6. Sounds like she's a smart business woman taking advantage of timing and opportunity...
  7. If you would rather sell the item to us outright and avoid all of the time and follow-up of the auction, we are open to that arrangement as well. We only pay a quarter of retail to buy outright, so you can make more money consigning, but it takes a lot longer to get your money.

    From the bottom of her ad... only 25% retail to buy outright?!?!
    Wow, her consignment fee is 30%. That seems so high already I can't hardly believe it going up 4o, 50%!! This makes me wonder what let-trade charges their third-party sellers?
  8. :shocked:
  9. lol. ITA
  10. hm...30%?! I don;t know I feel about that...
  11. I don't know about fashionphile...I've always gotten a squiffy feeling about that seller, especially since on 2 occassions I supposedly got outbid and then got suspicious-sounding second-chance offers. I'm sure it is authentic LV but I sense a money-grubbing je ne sais quois that turns me off.
  12. well... i know for sure i won't use Fashionphile's services, if i ever decide to sell any of my bags on eBay. 30% is a lot, and i'd rather just give my bags to my sister or a relative instead of losing out all that money.

    i buy on eBay more than i sell anyway, so i guess it doesn't really affect me.
  13. hah i sold my keepall 60 on eBay this weekend within minutes of putting the auction up. i was surprised really because of the condition of the bag versus the flaws of the bag.. but it was bought with BIN. amazing what a little sunday night shopping on ebay'll do.

    not to mention, my paypal account/ebay me page, etc is all about vuitton and stuff.. i wouldn't advertise that kind of thing if it was all counterfeit! :smile:
  14. Wow.... :amazed::wtf:
  15. 30% is REALLY high, I'd rather keep the bag :smile: