1. Has anyone consigned with them? Were you happy with their service?
    I have never sold on eBay but am thinking about clearing the closets of bags I never use.
  2. I haven't but I have heard all good things. Another consideration is a source I found on the Purse Blog Looks like she is selling quite a bit for others and is doing well.
  3. Ann's Fabulous Finds is fantastic!
  4. have you thought about just doing it yourself...
    it can be time consuming but if you have the time...
  5. If you have the time...why not do it yourself? If you sell yourself, the net profit to you will be considerably better that consigning it with someone which will charge you in the range of 30%?
  6. Hey thanks for your replies! I'll check our
    Fashionphile emailed me & said they'd do it for 25% & no eBay fees till Sept 1st. They claim this is what I would net if I did it myself. (eBay fees are this high?)
  7. think its better to do it yourself.
  8. I think the rule of thumb is something like 10 percent for costs.
  9. I think you might net a bit more then 25%. You own the bag, so all the profit is yours and eBay/Pay Pal fees seem to be around 10 or so percent--sometimes a tad higher..sometimes a little lower.

    However, if you have not sold on eBay before and have very little buying feedback, people will be more apt to pay Fashionphile more for the same bag then they would pay you.

    She is known for selling an authentic product with an accurate description. Her bag is way more likely to bring in more $ then your bag..even if you are both selling the same thing.

    As for doing it before September 1 I think I'd wait. There is a reason both eBay and Fashionphile are having specials is slower during the Summer.

    Towards mid-September I bet you will get more for your item. No guarantees but that seems to be the feeling all over the boards.
  10. I think when Fashionphille said it is what you would net if you sold them yourself, it was probably a combination of the ebay fees/and that her items always go for high prices.

    If you have never sold on ebay, then I don't think the ending price would be as high as it could be. People are wary of new sellers, particularly if you are selling high end items.

    However, I have never sold anything through Fashionphille or Ann's Fabulous Finds, so can't personally comment on their service etc. I just frequently look at their auctions and know they always go for high prices.
  11. No E-Bay fees are not that high.
  12. I estimate ebay fees to around 10%- 15% but not as high as 25%. But I would try to sell one or two items myself first then see how it it goes from there.