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  1. Do any of your beauties know what happens when an ebay item from a fashionphile auction ends and the reserve doesn't get met? what happens if it gets close? Do they just re-list the item?

  2. I guess it would depend on whether they have had offers they would accept on the item, whether they sold it out of eBay, etc. If you had an item that you were watching and it ended without a buyer, why not email FashionPhile and see if they will accept an offer and setup a BIN for you?

    PS - Love the German Shepherd!! We just got a 12wk old baby and he is quite the handful, but such a lover!!! :biggrin:
  3. They will just relist it.
  4. You can also buy it from their site.
  5. Oh! I love sheperds! That's my eva girl, she is only about 5 months in that picture.."the gangly stage" lol You should put a pic of your baby boy in your avatar so I can see! :nuts:

    ps - thanks for the info
  6. Great idea! I will check it out!
  7. Ok, totally off topic, but here is our new baby; I'm a proud mama!!! :P

    His name is Crosby (Sid Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins, of course!) and I use the term "baby" loosely. He's about, oh idk, 35lbs and is BIG!!! :graucho:



  8. I find they usually relist items!
  9. Why not just contact them to ask about the item ?:shrugs:
  10. Give them a call. Since they are resellers, maybe you can work something out. Might be worth the call!!
  11. I tried emailing them a few times about items that "sold" online and they never get back to me. It popped back up on their website a few weeks later and I just purchased off the website.
  12. Oh Jenay! I am dying looking at his pictures! He is such a big dark beautiful boy, so handsome! I love his name too. Thanks for posting these pictures! I think he will be a monster & his colouring is lovely. Such a big kissable face :love::kiss: oh and ps - crosby was awesome last night! what a nail biter that was! lol
  13. is that a metallic reissue in your avatar? I'm drooling! it's heaven!

    The item isn't over yet, it's still active, but not looking like it's going to meet the reserve so far, I was just wondering if maybe they offered it to the highest bidder if they wanted to. They have crappy customer service when it comes to answering emails.. lol trust me, I know!
  14. They'll relist...
  15. fashionphile told me that if it doesn't sell on ebay, it goes right back up to their dot com store for a while.