Fashionphile Has Mancrazy Jokes & Graduate Jokes

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  1. I saw tPFers that mentioned wanting the Jokes bags. Fashionphile has, under limited editions. the Mancrazy Jokes ($2,699) and the Graduate Jokes ($1.995). Happy shopping!
  2. Fashionphile has all I wish we could bid and just not buy. They are always expensive, but are a reputable company.
  3. I was surprised to see they had a damier and 2 mono clefs listed recently (damier still there, mono they ended up putting on Ebay after no bites on their site)which they were selling for $195.00 and gosh, one can buy direct from LV and brand new for $165.00!!!!! I can see a markup on something new or HTF but something as common and as readily available as a cles, no way for me. I did purchase an item from them recently, it arrived quickly and in perfect condition, I was pleased with my purchase, but it was for a decent price and certainly less than retail.
  4. ah, they always have such great items and if you wanted something ASAP it's a good place to look for HTFs.

    I ALMOST got the perfo speedy from them.