Fashionphile does it again!

  1. Fashionphile currently has a compact zippy wallet listed incorrectly as an organizer, and priced above NEW zippy compact wallet retail price... when I inquired I got no response. I'm done stalking Fashionphile's site for sure. Too many bad stories! It's a shame.
  2. true that most of their products are almost retail price but i think it depends on what you are looking for and if you wait a little longer. some of their products get knocked down after awhile if it doesn't sell. but yes, if it's close to retail price i would also rather buy new. :graucho:
  3. I sell to Yoogi closet (quick and professional) or burn my bags rather than deal with Fashionphile...That's all I am saying:censor:
  4. I sold my LV Damier Azur Berkerly through Fashionphile last year. I paid $899 for it at a consignment store. Fashionphile sold it for close to the retail price and I got $850, after deducting eBay/Paypal fees. A person from England bought it.
    A few years ago, Fashionphile had an LV item on eBay, it may have been the Neverfull. It was priced at retail or over. I emailed them to let them know and the response I got was that it wasn't available everywhere so someone who couldn't get it in their area would be willing to pay.
  5. One thing I forgot to mention. I emailed Fashionphile because I decided to sell my LV Denim Neo Speedy awhile back. They requested pics, which I emailed to them but never heard anything from them. Last week I emailed them pics of my LV Zippy Organizer. No response. I may just keep it. It's all I have left of my LV collection.

  6. I agree

  7. The subject is Fashionphile, yes, it pertains to the topic. I am just telling a true experience we had with fashionphile, the service. Fashionphile does carry other bags besides LV, including Chanel. Saks does give a 20% discount on promotions when you open a new account, normal discount is 10%. I confirmed with my friend who opened the account and she did get the 20%. Yes it pertains to Chanel. LV does not give discounts anywhere unless you are an employee. My subject here is discussing Fashionphile service. I hope this clarifies it.
  8. I know Sarah who began FP cared a great deal about her company and it's reputation.
    Did she sell the business?
  9. This is something I've always wondered myself. Why would you pay more for a used item than you could get brand spanking new! I see a lot of this on eBay too. Medicore at it's best!
  10. Or fairly close to retail. They have a vernis key pouch listed just $50 under retail. I, myself, would rather spend the extra $50 and get the item new from the boutique.
  11. I think they keep their prices so high because of the fact they still offer layaway regardless of the price item. Some people would rather use that option than go to the store & purchase right out
  12. I agree with you. Sometimes I think AFF is priced a little high too, but I always suspected it was because of the layaway option offered.