Fashionphile Buying from Canada - Duties

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I couldn't find an answer when I used the search function, correct me if I'm wrong though.
    About how much can I expect to pay in Duties/Taxes on items from Fashionphile if I am buying from Canada?
    Such as a item costing USD $1,000

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Wish there was a way to know for certain what an item will cost. It's already a lot with exchange so don't want anymore surprises...
  3. I would love to know too. Anyone? Pleeeese.
  4. Hey there, not sure if this will help but I bought a bag from there which costed $2595.00 USD (I live in Ontario). I had to pay $446.93.. I nearly had a heart attack at the door. I figured out they got that number by converting the USD amount to CAD and calculating the tax on it (what it would've been had the bag been purchased in Canada). Essentially I didn't pay "duty" just the taxes which was killer.


    So maybe based on $1000.00 USD price you'll have to pay $170+?

    It sucks shopping in Canada sometimes :sad::shocked:
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  5. Thanks for the info!

  6. I bought a purse from fashionphile for around $1000USD. The shipping cost me $164 CAD to be delivered to TORONTO. Hope this helps
  8. I know sometimes it doesn’t end up being a deal when you factor in the exchange and the delivery costs.
    Better to just buy from a Canadian site or in store.
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  9. What shipping company was it? Ty!
  10. UPS
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  11. Worst case scenario you should expect to convert it to Canadian and then be charged both the Cnd / Provincial tax and additionally up to 18% duty depending on the item. Duty is discretionary. It also depends on the country where the item is manufactured. Finally, there will be a processing fee if the customs work is done by the shipper.

    If it is UPS, DHL or FedEx you can usually expect to pay all three as they just automatically do it as opposed to have it assessed by a customs agent (which means no waiving of the fee)

    Canada border services has a calculator you can use on their website.
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  12. If you live close enough to the Canada/US border you can use a mail service in the US. It's also helpful when a seller won't ship internationally.