Fashionphile Authenticity


Jul 15, 2020
Hi all,
How much do you all trust the authenticity of Fashionphile? I feel like I do trust their authenticity, but sometimes it’s in the back of my head thinking what if they made a mistake. I recently bought something off of Fashionphile, and I also got it authenticated by real authentication and Zeko authentication, and they also said it was authentic. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get influenced by their decisions seeing the tag from Fashionphile right? Maybe I’m just thinking into it too much D:
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Mar 5, 2016
Fashionphile & Ann’s Fabulous Finds are the two re-sellers that I, personally, trust the most with regards to authenticity. Of course, at a much higher-tiered market, there is Sotheby’s. However, for your average buyer of pre-loved luxury merchandise, those are the two I have the most knowledge and experience.


Mar 18, 2018
I look at it this way... There are millions of men and women spending money on luxury goods such as handbags year after year. That leads to millions of handbags sitting in closets at any given time. People make changes in life. They sell their homes for many reasons and they purchase another one. They sell their cars, their boats, their campers and their motorcycles, then they buy new models or different models. WHY wouldn't people sell their preowned handbags and get a different bag? We all tire of things and most of us agree that these expensive items are not benefiting us when we are not using them. The merry-go-round of handbags is not at all surprising to me. (maybe because my personal merry-go-round is constantly spinning out of control with too many handbags!) I do not have a slngle hesitation when making a purchase from Fashionphile. Yes... they may have made a mistake made within their company over the years, but I am sure they were willing to right the wrong. Fashionphile is a reputable company and they have a nice selection of items. Be brave... buy the bag... enjoy it and stop stressing!
Jun 14, 2007
I’ve only purchased from them twice, it have sold many many bags. Both items were jewelry pieces; a Rolex and a Tiffany diamond necklace. Upon receiving the Rolex, I sent it in to Rolex for a complete service and when I received the necklace, I sent that into Tiffany for a complete cleaning. I did this to ease my mind. I am happy I got the confirmation that I needed. Long story short, I trust FASHIONPHIL, but I too had doubts.