**Fashionistas Please Help**

  1. :girlsigh: Ladies & Gents, I have a retail drama! I found & purchased my dream shoe (I was seriously wearing the shoes in 2 of my dreams) at a reasonable price and now I can't think of what to wear them with! I finally bought the MJ Mouse flats in black & white pony (http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/2934547?Category=&Search=True&SearchType=keywordsearch&keyword=mouse+in+All+Categories&origin=searchresults) but did I make a mistake? Should I have got them in a plain black or white? :confused1:

    My question is, what would you wear these with? I've played around with polyvore.com but maybe you guys are more creative than me. Puh-leez post some suggestions or >>>GASP<<< I'll have to return these and pay RETAIL price, $355 for them in plain black...:crybaby:
  2. Does anyone have these? What do you wear them with?
  3. I would wear them with dark denim trouser jeans, wide leg black or grey pants.
    They would be cute with skirts too!
    I would keep the tops pretty simple and a solid color.
    Have fun, those are really cute!!!
  4. How about a black skirt, black top, black tights & a white necklace?

    That would be cute:tup:

    Cute shoes too!:tup:

    Good luck!

  5. :tup:Oh yeah! Those are great ideas! Thanks!!!

    Another question: Should my bag be the same color as my shirt or pant? I highly doubt I can find a bag to match the shoes but even if I did, I think it would be an overkill.

    I plan on wearing them tomorrow to the movies & dinner with friends and so far I think I'll wear a black puffy sleeve turtleneck, blue denim trouser pants, pearl accessories, cream peacoat and... my blue LV speedy? I figure the bag will match my jeans but should I wear a plain black bag? That seems so blah... :confused1:
  6. Yeah, that sounds really cute!!
    And when all else fails, black. Classic.
  7. these would be cute with a red dress...go with a black bag
  8. I'm a simple gal. I'd pair them with dark wash jeans/trousers, and a plain coloured top (white, black and even red). I definitely think you should go with a black bag, though.
  9. Okay so red dress, black tights, black cardigan, and black bag. Gotcha ;)

    Is that a "no" to wearing my blue bag to match the jeans?
    :flowers: You ladies are the best! Keep the outfit ideas coming! :woohoo:
  10. I'm envisioning them with dark skinny jeans, black turtle neck sweater and a yellow bag. I think a blue bag would look fine if it was more of a cobalt blue. A red bag would also work IMO.

    What were you wearing them with in your dreams? Maybe that could give you some ideas...
  11. Oh gosh! My dreams are always so embarrassing! :blush:

    Well in my first dream (sort of nightmare), I was wearing them with a long plaid dress to my elementary school principal's wedding. Everyone kept complimenting my outfit but I can't remember thier exact words. All I know is that it didn't sound sarcastic. I woke up thinking "WHAT THE HELL WAS I WEARING????" :shocked:but ended up really liking the thought of the mouse shoes.

    The second dream wasn't as weird but my friends love to hear the dream because it's really cute. Basically I went to a Marc Jacobs store in my dream, saw a really cute sales guy that kept asking me if I needed assistance, then finally he showed me the mouse shoes. I remember wearing a long black jacket but the important part was that the sales guy kept saying the shoes looked cute on me. When he rang me up, he put his cellphone # on the receipt! My friends think the dream is a sign that wearing the shoes will bring me good luck.... so I HAD to get them! LOL :love:

    Needless to say, the dreams don't help out too much with outfit ideas!
  12. i go for skinny jeans and something black at the top.. as simple as I'm..
  13. LOL True! Please don't wear them with a long plaid dress :roflmfao:

    The second dream sounds cute, though. Maybe the shoes will bring you good luck ;)

    And I love the shoes btw! I think they would look great with anything solid-colored that won't compete with them KWIM?
  14. WEar them with anything you would wear a classic ballet flat with...I know my daughter would love them. I would never wear them but I bet I am older than you. Wear them with jeans and a black cashmere turtleneck...have fun with them.
  15. I think the bag should be black :tup: