Fashionistas I need guidance

  1. Hi everyone,

    This site is awesome. Some advice please!!! It is ok to match patent leather red sandals with a patent leather red bag. Although I always try to match, this seems like to much. I want to make sure I buy the right designer bag. Thanks
  2. depends on the different red shades, i guess.

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  3. ^ I agree it really depends on the shades of both colors and how well they match.

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  4. Welcome, I am into fashion Etiquette and some of the rules are diferrent. My recent purchase book by Amy Vanderbilt, states that you no longer have to match your shoes to your handbag or even belt....If you feel that is too much, i'ts probably too much... You don't always have to match perfectly, it can sometimes look too done up.......I hope my advice was of some help...Good luck finding the perfect bag.......:okay:
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  6. Welcome! I agree it depends on the shades, but IMO red is quite flashy, patent leather is flashy too, so wearing both red patent bag and shoes would be too much
  7. The "red tones" need to match....BUT if you think it's too much, than don't. As mentioned, the days when shoes/bags/belts AND gloves had to match are over. Red AND patent leather are true stand-outs, so keep in mind that sometimes, "less is more".
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  8. I think that with pants it would look good--maybe a little strange with skirts or dresses.
  9. It can be overkill to be too matchy-matchy. Try a complimentary shade, red and black is popular in the fall/winter, red and white in the spring/summer. Red and yellow has been popular too. Try something different and if you feel like you're stepping out of the box too much, you can always match a necklace or bracelet to help bring the colours together. ;)
  10. Patent shoes AND bag? Sounds a bit shiney to me. Maybe stick with one patent and one matte?
  11. Hi, and welcome to the forum !
    I live in Europe and advise people in what colours and what style to wear. I think that if you already think it is too much, you shouldn't buy the matching bag. You probably won't feel comfortable in wearing it. I also think that it isn't always necessary to match everything. Sometimes, this might look too "forced".
    Try to find small accessories that give a hint to the colour of your shoes (bracelet, ring, earrings, necklace, nailpolish, lipstick, ... -see pictures-) or try to find a bag that gives a hint to your shoes (a red border for example) and I would advise you to not overdo it by wearing a flashy dress on those shoes.
    Good luck and keep us posted with your decision !
    RedEarrings.jpg RedNecklace.jpg red nailpolish and lipstick.jpg
  12. I do not go for matchy matchy. Look at pix of celebs with stylists. Never matchy matchy. Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City was never matchy matchy, nor were her cohorts. Eclectic is in. That's my two cents.
  13. I totally agree with TropicalGal on this one. If you want to stand out on your own, don't match. But if you want to really stand out because of the purse and shoes matching (especially red patent), then do that, too. I would advise against it, though.
  14. I don't think SJP, or at least Carrie Bradshaw is a good example. Her style was funky but people need to realize it was on a show. I don't know how well a lot of the stuff she wore (in the earlier seasons) would hold up in the real world. Notice how her style was much more toned down in season 4-6?

    But anyways, back to the point, matchy matchy isn't necessary. ;)
  15. 'Course you can:smile:
    AS LONG AS, they are the same shades of red.