Fashionistas! Help please accessorizing this little black dress

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  1. We'll be attending a celebratory dinner for my husband's sales region. Lots of *important* people at this dinner. It will be in Florida next month and I'm so excited!!! I work at home and wear what I want (read: jeans!) so I'm not really up to the latest trends, etc.

    I'd love to hear how you ladies would accesorize this dress. I just got it last week and I love it. I'm planning to wear my black Chanel madison bag with it (or should I add some color there?)

    I also thought of simple Chanel CC earrings or I have a dangly pair of the black CC's with camelia flower. Suggestions? I'm not loving the necklace shown in the picture.

    I was also thinking of a wrap or scarf, or is that too much? I'm a little self-conscious about my arms...... I am working those hard at the gym though and hoping they'll be better. LOL

  2. I think dangly CC earrings would be great! Im a fan of the no necklace look. Do you have a Chanel timeless clutch by any chance? Can we see a pic of the bag you plan on carrying? (fabulous dress by the way!)
  3. I think simple Chanel earrings would be great and no necklace, I like to keep it classy and simple. And the black Chanel bag is great, no need for other colours. What about the shoes?
  4. I love the dress but I would need a pop of color. What shoes are you planning on wearing? How about sexy red pair?
  5. nice shoes!
  6. Pearl earrings and pearl clutch.
  7. I wouldn't do anything with logos at a business function, personally, especially if you plan on carrying a logoed bag.

    If its more formal, you can never go wrong with a strand of pearls and pearl studs, maybe a large cocktail ring. If it's a slightly more festive affair, what about a chunky necklace, like several strands of big stones?
  8. I agree with the other posters about pearl earrings, necklace and cocktail ring. Also, you might consider throwing in a HOT pair of shoes in a bright unexpected colour (like red or bright blue) for a pop!

    Have fun!
  9. Thanks, ladies!! I appreciate all of your comments.

    We have two dinners to attend, and I have been told one is more dressy than the other. There will be higher ups there and while I want to make a good impression for my husband, I don't want to stand out. Know what I mean? I have met all of our immediate region people, but have not met the highest management for corporate/national, and they will be there.

    This is the bag I'm thinking of carrying. The one I have is the next size up, like a medium classic size.


    I have no clue about the shoes! What about these? I can't go too high in heels. I thought they added a little bit of color, but maybe I should tone it down? Temps will be in the low 80s.

  10. GREAT advice ~ thank you!
  11. i like the dress and the bag, and i think CC earrings would go well.. but honestly, im not feeling the shoes.. i think close toed pumps would look better.. maybe patent red ones.. and if they were a tiny bit higher too.. that way you'd look simple and classy, but the shoes would really make the outfit pop..
  12. I love fashion and I agree that all black is all blah! I would definately pop it with a colored shoe and bag. What is really in and not too much is wine and purples. So, a wine/red color shoe and a cute little purple jewel tone clutch will show everyone you know how to work it, but classy!
  13. I agree with indrani24 a wine/red shoe would look fabulous. Especially since you do not wish to stand out too much. I wasn't really feeling the LV that you posted. It seemed a little too spring/summer.
  14. points very well-taken on the LV shoes.......

    I'm not really a red person, so I'll look for something in a wine or cranberry maybe?

    Any ideas or pics would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, everyone.
  15. Pearl necklace definately...... So classy and timeless