"Fashionista" Guys - Hot or Not?

  1. I was watching E! News before I went to the hospital this morning to visit my uncle, and they had a segment on men's fashions.

    Apparently the trend now is for guys to get more involved in fashion. E! picked out 3 new trends:
    - Tight jeans
    - Shirts that that open further down (to show the chest)
    - Necklaces, wristbands, and other *bling*

    and 3 guys that wear 'em:
    - Colin Farrell
    - Richie Sambora
    - Orlando Bloom

    So that got me thinking... Do you guys as women find these thing "hot" or sexy? Because I kind of like a scruffy casual guy (or one in a suit)... I like being the vainer one in the relationship, I guess. Yet I know guys who make an effort w/ stuff like the above. How do you guys feel?
  2. i like fashionable men, i think its sexy when a guy tries to match you fashionably. but not when they tend to want a whole show on their own. :smile:

    but i must admit that im not a fan of sleeveless tops on men, whether its high fashion or plain old scruffy sleeveless tops.
  3. I don't care for E's men fashion trends. E is more celebrity trash than fashion, in my opinion.

    I love fashionable men. Truly fashionable men are hard to find in the US outside of maybe New York (I'm talking like straight off the runway-comparable fashionable).

    I don't expect anyone I date to be ultra fashionable. Classic is just fine. Classic with a twist is better. But creating fashion trends is never expected. :biggrin:

    (By the way, I find men's fashion from London to be the sexiest.)
  4. I like when guys are put together, but there's such a thing as too much.
  5. i like a man who knows how to dress and look nice...
    it's sexy and handsome...
    but i can't stand it when the guy takes longer than me to get ready...:yahoo: especially when they go overboard and look girlie...
  6. I like men who have an eye for fashion. :yes:

    I'm not that keen on men in suits, however upmarket, as they always seem to remind me of car, or insurance, salesmen. :Push: I also don't really see their relevance in the modern world; what the heck is a tie for, exactly? :shrugs:

    So, I like a bit of trendiness, to lift the more casual look I prefer, out of the ordinary.

    I don't think being very interested in clothes and your appearance makes you vain, or vice versa. In fact, being too interested can be a sign of insecurity (and/or BDD)! What makes people vain, IMO, is being too in-love with themselves and/or over-confident.

    Really vain people are so self-confident, that they don't think they have to make any effort at all!
  7. Okay my husband is a surfer "dude" from the get go...when we go out for dinner or any social function he dresses to the nines...however his day to day "look" is all surfer gear...and you know...Im a dressy *****...I LOVE my clothes...but my honey...well...I love his free spirit and hot ass looking clothes. Keeps us young!
  8. No to tight jeans on guys (gag!)
    No to shirts unbuttoned (argh!)
    No to manicures
    Double no to bling of any kind.

    Yes to high-quality, well fitted clothes
    Yes to clean, polished shoes

    I find a guy sexy if he tries but not too hard.:yahoo:

  9. I second that;)
    And I also agree with someone who said earlier that sleeveless tops are a No No:yucky:
  10. It depends on the guy really, some can work the look but some can't.

    I had to listen to a guy recently talk about collecting Diesel runway jeans and I just wanted to stab myself. It was quite boring.
  11. I also love men's fashion from London, its often classic with a twist - after all it is the birthplace of punk style.

    I don't agree that anything that E said is really "fashiony" - just IMO. I like guys who make an effort. Its so much easier to get motived to dress up if you know that your date is going to be dressed nicely. As for suit, I used to not like them but now I think its nice if you're going out to a fancy restaurant to have the guy in a suit (and its often required). Some ties are rather fabulous on their own, I especially like Hermes ties and some of the British brands like Thomas Pink.

    As for manicures - well I think some men should get them and definitely pedicures esp. if they are going to be wearing sandels - just no nail polish - that I don't like.
  12. Some guys surprisingly DO look good w/ *blings* and tight jeans but generally speaking, I don't like guys who wear tight jeans or *blings* w/ a shirt that shows too much of his bare chest.
  13. It depends on the guy. Some guys can put together outfits that reflect their persona. Some guys just get stuff that they see in Details or whatever, and while the pieces look good, it's not particularly interesting. Guys should never try too hard.

    I saw that E! News thing. I hate open or lowcut shirts on men. Earlier on the Emmys tonight, Simon Cowell had an open shirt with his chest hair showing and it was just absolutely gross and smarmy.
  14. i really like guys that dress nice but not "fashionista" guys. I'm more into the nice suit and shirt type of guys. Kinda like the the way wentworth miller dresses in "Prison Break" before he's in prison. The casual grunge thing just turns me off.
  15. Not too happy about button down shirt that are more revealing. and guys wearing jewelry..no thanks

    I also HATE guys that wear designer sunglasses. (Unless it's a certain Marc jacobs kind or the LV Millionaire glasses)

    Basically no fashionista guys for me. Sorry-it just annoys me.