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  1. ...rims!


    Alligator skin:

    Ostrich skin:


    Cubic Zirconia:

    Uhm... yeah no. :wacko:
  2. SOOOO silly!
  3. They'd probably say the same thing about us.:lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. It just doesn't make any sense - it's kinda like those million dollar bras that Victoria's Secret puts out. No one will buy them, and they are just publicity stunts to bring more attention to their brand.

    But then again with people like Sean Combs in this world - they will probably get purchased.
  5. Stupid!!!
  6. Oooohhh.. I like the last one. Looks like alot of blings blings!!! :nuts:

    Like I always say to the guys: "Our handbags obession is just like your sport cars obession, just that ours is cheaper than yours!"
  7. ^^ Thus us getting to buy more purses Irissy! I always tell my husband, your car is how much more compared to my bag! Ha ha, but really I want my husband to be happy and his car and rims make him happy, as do my purses and shopping!
  8. Maybe it's passe, but nothing beats brushed chrome 26" spinnahs ! :smile:
  9. Ahh, the REAL Vlad is coming out! SO this is your thing, huh?

    I love how some of the comments outright dismiss them as "STUPID" or silly [cough-GINGER-cough] and yet belonging to this board they are admitting their obsession on something equally trivial and expensive!
    Kids, you must be more accepting of other people's passions as well!
  10. My BF would be drooling right now. I don't get the point of rims. But apparently he whatever. LOL
  11. Those rims are definitely not the real me. I find them hideous. If I ever were to spend the money on aftermarket rims, it'll be some performance BBS spokes and not this junk.

    And who said we aren't accepting? Expressing one's opinion about a vertain product does not judge the people who like em. As I don't judge folks who think that paying more than $200 on a bag is dumb.
  12. ^^ But do you carry a murse?:biggrin:
  13. Nope you don't judge us because you do have fettish...what is it come on Vlad...your wallet? $250+++:lol: , Jeans, Shoes, Breif Case, or maybe your watch(s)?

  14. Oh I got plenty of fetishes. Clothes not so much, but I do have an appreciation for nice bags (Megs did it to me). Personally, I dig expensive technology and bikes. I spent over $3,500 on a mountain bike last year, go figure. :biggrin:

    Forgive me if I think that 1 million dollah dubs are farkin' stupid. :wacko:
  15. I would be so paranoid about theft having super expensive rims like that. You'd have to hire an armed guard just to stay with your car when you park it anywhere. At least with handbags, you keep them with you wherever you go.