Fashionable wheeled bags- Oxymoron or possibility?

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  1. I love fitting everything in a bag, but I don't like to have an achy shoulder. Will someone reccommend a wheeled bag that is both practical and fashionable?
  2. Gosh.....I'm kinda stumped on this one.....Don't really know if I've ever seen a "wheeled" bag, except for luggage. Sorry. That would be great, though, wouldn't it??
  3. maybe the ultimate spybag would include wheels and retracting handle that magically appeared... all the while being sturdy
  4. I'm stumped as well. Don't think I've ever come across a stylish (well, what looks stylish to me anyway) bag with wheels.
  5. Oddly enough, i saw a cute bag with wheels tonight at Anthropologie. It had a cute pattern and was made by Orla Kiely.
  6. Yes that was the bag on wheels -- same style, i guess, but different colors/pattern.
  7. i've seen some women in hongkong shopping using wheeled bags :smile:
  8. I would love to see the Hong Kong style on wheeled bags. Do you have pictures? OR did you just see it while on vacation?
  9. I have to check anthropolgie in NY to see the other patterns and colors.
  10. i just saw it while i'm on vacation. but then, i saw it while they're shopping in ordinary malls not luxurious malls and places in mongkok where the whole street are filled with all kind of stores, the wheeled bag is not chic at all, but they sure ie comfortable.
    i was also doing a lot of walking while shopping and it kinda drag to carry those heavy shoppings all the time :P
  11. Has Anyone seen FASHIONABLE wheeled bags? Starting to give up hope
  12. Must say I can not offer much help, but would love to hear some new bag on wheel ideas too!
  13. We should start a campaign to bring back the wheeled shopping bag! :lol:

    Seriously, though, I don't see why a really beautiful one couldn't be designed...?
  14. My boss has a great leather wheeled bag - it is really nice. I think it is about $400. She bought it at a boutique in Pasadena - I want to say Elisa B.

    I've also seen it at Flight 001 in Chicago.